How many stuffed animals?

Judy and Ramey together have 42 animals. Judy has 12 fewer animals than Ramey. How many stuffed animals does each girl have?

Solve by trial and error

Basically this means that you will look for 2 numbers that add up to 42 and one of the two numbers is bigger by 12.

If you choose 20 to be one of the numbers then, the other one is 20 - 12 = 8 or 20 + 12 = 32

20 and 8 don't add up to 42.

20 and 32 don't add up to 42 either.

This method look more like guessing.

What if I looked for all combinations of 2 numbers to add to get 42 and then choose the pair with a difference of 12.

42 = 41 + 1 difference is 40
42 = 40 + 2 difference is 38
42 = 39 + 3 difference is 36
42 = 38 + 4 difference is 34
42 = 37 + 5 difference is 32
42 = 36 + 6 difference is 30
42 = 35 + 7 difference is 28
42 = 34 + 8 difference is 26
42 = 33 + 9 difference is 24
42 = 32 + 10 difference is 22
42 = 31 + 11 difference is 20
42 = 30 + 12 difference is 18

42 = 29 + 13 difference is 16
42 = 28 + 14 difference is 14
42 = 27 + 15 difference is 12

Stop! You have found what you are looking for.

The numbers are 27 and 15

27 - 15 = 12

27 + 15 = 42

So Ramey has 27 stuffed animals and Judy has 15

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May 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

Very interesting article. I like mathematics very much. Mathematics sharpens the brain and studies also proved that those who do mathematics do better in other subjects as well.

Apr 07, 2015
great comments
by: Anonymous

I am very happy to see this great article.

Apr 06, 2015
Stuffed Animals
by: Kimberly Lauren

There are various methods of solving one problem. I like this hit and trial method. Its a basic math. Your cool maths tricks are very really tricky, when I have tried them with my kids. I surprised to see how they could help in learning basic concepts.

Jan 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

Oh brilliant! I have never been a fan of the trial and error approach. Honestly I always found this method quite difficult. But you have very well explained this problem using this trial and error method. I would like to know if there is an alternate solution to this one.

Feb 04, 2013
you can work this out mathematically....
by: Anonymous

there is a way to work this out without guessing at the numbers.
Assuming J is Judy and R is Ramey, start with the equation, J+R=42

If we know that together the girls have 42 animals, we can divide 42 in half for a starting point.

42 divided by 2 = 21

Since the difference between what each girl has is 12, we can divide this difference between them to find the answer. so...

21+6= 27
21-6= 15

Judy has 15, Ramey has 27

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