A Recipe and Fractions

by Dopee.E<3

you are at a grocery store to buy ingredients for your cupcakes. The recipe requires 4 2/8 a cup of rising flour to make 28 cupcakes. You want to make 112 cupcakes. How much rising flour do you need?


How much more is 112 compared to 28?

To find out divide 112 by 28.

112/28 = 4

So you need 4 times 4 2/8

4 2/8 = 4 1/4

4 1/4 means 4 cups and 1/4 of a cup.

4 times 4 = 16

4 times 1/4 = 1

16 + 1 = 17

Therefore, for 112 cupcakes, you need 17 cups of rising flour

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Apr 03, 2015
recipe and fractions
by: Anonymous

I really love this! This is such a fun thing for them to do. Perhaps I will even have the students make some food and bring in the recipe. That way we could use this WITH food as a second or third day follow-up activity to this! Thanks!

Mar 27, 2015
Basic mathematics
by: Anonymous

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