shen percent of increase

by shen

A factory has 800 workers. 40% of them are females. The management decides to

employ more female workers to cope with the increasing demands of the workload

such that the total number of females will increase to 60% of the total workforce.

How many new female workers must the factory employ?


How many female workers do they have now before hiring more?

Find 40% of 800

40% of 800 is equal to 0.40 × 800 = 320.

Now it is a percent of increase problem.

Percent of increase = (final amount - original amount) ÷ original amount

Percent of increase = 60%

Final amount = x

Original amount = 3200

60% = (x - 320) ÷ 320

Simplify the right side. We do this by dividing x by 320 and 320 by 320.

We get the following:

0.60 = x/320 - 1

x/320 - 1 = 0.60

add 1 to both sides

x/320 = 1.60

Multiply both sides by 320

(x/320) × 320 = 320 × 1.60

x = 512

512 - 320 = 192.

They must hire 192 female workers

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Oct 26, 2016
I think this is incorrect NEW
by: CJB

hmm... this seems wrong to me.

Question states:

total number of females will increase TO 60% of the total workforce

the answer given is increasing the female workforce BY 60% (and is not of the total workforce.

workforce: 800
40% female = 320
so, 60% male = 480
if increasing to 60% female, this means male will be 40%
so, 480 males is 40% of new workforce
so must be 60% female = 720
so increase from 320 to 720 means they need to employ 400 females

answer is 400, not 192

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