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Addition word problems

Addition word problems arise in any situations where there is a gain or an increase of something as a result of combining one or more numbers. Think of addition as combining parts to form a whole.

Consider the following situations.

Problem #1:

John has 800 dollars in his checking account. He received from his job a check for 1,200 dollars and deposit the amount in his checking account. How much money does he have in his checking after the deposit?


The fact of receiving money from his job is a gain. Therefore, we need to perform addition


Total amount in checking account = 800 + 1200 = 2000 dollars

Problem #2:

Peter sells ice cream for a living. On Monday his revenue was 150 dollars. On Tuesday, his revenue was 100 dollars. Finally, on Wednesday, his revenue was 50 dollars. How much is Peter's revenue so far?


Peter is experiencing a gain in revenue. Therefore, we use addition.


Peter's revenue = 150 + 50 + 100 = 300 dollars

Problem #3:

Eiffel Tower is about 1063 feet high. The Statue of Liberty along with its foundation and pedestal is about 305 feet. If you could put the Statue of Liberty on top of the Eiffel Tower, how high up in heaven will the two monuments reach?


The situation above is a combination of parts to form a whole. Therefore, we use addition.


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