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Need extra help with basic math? Need extra practice? Do you have math anxiety? You have come to the right place! Thank you for visiting my website today. My name is Jetser Carasco. I promise I look better than the picture!

Quick things about me

Favorite sports to play and watch: ping pong, soccer, and basketball

Favorite food: Mango gelato from Italy, my wife's homemade roasted chicken, and fried plantains.


Places I have been: Guadeloupe (my favorite place on this planet!), Puerto Rico, England, Haiti, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, Martinique, Bahamas, Panama, Saint-Martin, United States, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway (living here at the moment).

Favorite songs ever: "You can't hurry love" by Diana Ross, "Sin el" by Marisela, "Aveux" by Kwak, "Miracle de l'amour" by Steevy (scroll down to see it and play it), "I will not last a day without you" by Karen carpenter, and "My love" by the Beatles. I can see myself singing the songs long before I met my wife. I still sing it for her!


Education and experience

Currently I am a webmaster / math software developer. Before that, I was a certified high school math teacher and I taught math for 8 years in Massachusetts. I also obtained my certification in Norway to teach math in all grade levels.

I got my bachelor's degree in math at the University of Massachusetts Boston and a double major in math and computer science at the University of the French West Indies and Guiana (Fifth best university of France when I was attending).

I also have a career diploma as an auto repair technician from PENN FOSTER CAREER SCHOOL. I have not tried to fix my own car though since 2006!


Basic mathematics awards

Why I created this website

  • It is my goal to create great math topics and math software on this site that will benefit everyone. Check my math software here.
  • I majored in math because I have a passion for mathematics.
  • Math is the cornerstone of everything. Math is everywhere and without math, lots of things would not make much sense.
  • It is my goal to give a deep understanding of basic math and help you develop an appreciation for the subject.
  • I created this website because a fire keeps burning in me to share with people what I know about math.

The biggest failure I have ever experienced in life is quitting

This website is dedicated to 5 people. My mom, whose spirit of independence runs deep in my veins. My father, who taught me the value of education. My "perfect" wife, who gave me love and supported me during my journey. Ken Evoy, a genius who created a simple but working system. Myself, for ingenuity, determination, and persistency...

How I created this website

Want to know how I built my website so people get help with basic math? As mentioned before, Ken Evoy has a lot to do with it. If you have a passion for something, you can do it too. In my case, I turned my passion for math into this website and it helps me to generate some extra income at the same time. You can do it too!

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How can my website help you with basic math, algebra, geometry, and advanced math

Both kids and adult learners will benefit from the topics on this website. Take your time and read carefully the information. Do not rush over the materials or you will not really benefit. Repetition and practice are also important to master math concepts.

Help with basic math FAQs

If you want to strengthen your basic math skills and learn what to do so you do not struggle so much in math, I recommend that you read carefully how to learn math.
Read why math is important to see why without math the world will not make sense.
Read why math is so hard to see 10 reasons why many students feel that math is a hard subject.
You use math regularly in the workplace and at the supermarket when buying food. We have a section in this website completely dedicated to that. Please read consumer math to see many real-life examples.
This website is designed to teach you basic math, algebra, and geometry for free. If you are about to take a test or exam, you may want to become a member so you can have access to some premium math contents.
If you need one-on-one help, Chegg
The best online math solver is Mathway

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