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Some of the math games is now available on this website.These fun online math games were created especially for kids who want to learn math and have fun at the same time. However, anyone can enjoy these math games.

                                                         Featured game

                                        Math Adventure

With Math Adventure, you will review a wide variety of math topics while having fun.

             Destroy balls by adding 10:

                     Addition games

math line

    Have fun by playing number twins

                    Number twins

Number twins

          The pyramid solitaire game:

                  Pyramid solitaire

  Have fun by playing this great game

                   Sudoku puzzle

           Solve math problems fast

                      Quick math

           Have fun ordering integers

                ordering integers

Solve math problems and eat the mathman: mathman

Earn one million dollars by answering math questions: Math millionaire

Count the cubes. Some of
these cubes are hidden behind other cubes,
so it can get pretty challenging!

               Counting cubes

How good a bus driver are youwhen it comes to taking and counting money received from people? Check it out

Money counting game

Play staries game here and have fun practicing basic math:

                  Staries game

Match balls with the same color to destroy them:

                  Bouncing balls

If you make it to the last level, then you have mastered the order of operations:

Order of operations game

Practice the order of operations here with cards. It is not as easy as it looks!

                  Math card game

Learn the multiplication table with a stunning game!: 

Multiplication table game

Play shape inlay game here and have fun playing with geometric shapes:

 Shape inlay

Remove the matches to form a specified number of squares.


Other great games:

Locate points game

Adding and subtracting integers
Become a mathionaire with this integer game.

Identify fractions game 
Identify the fraction before it reaches the bottom

If you would like to, please send us your feedback about this game here It will be very much appreciated. We also have other fun math games here. Don't forget to check them out.

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