Free geometry lessons

Perimeter and Area of Shapes

  1. Perimeter of shapes
  2. Perimeter of a square
  3. Perimeter of a rectangle
  4. Perimeter of a triangle
  5. Perimeter of a circle
  6. Perimeter formulas
  7. Perimeter word problems
  8. Area of shapes
  9. Area of triangles
  10. Area of an equilateral triangle
  11. Area of a kite
  12. Area of a trapezoid
  13. Area of irregular shapes
  14. Area of a circle
  15. Area of a sector
  16. Area of a regular polygon
  17. Heron's formula
  18. Heron's formula calculator    

The circle 

  1. Introduction to the circle
  2. How to find the number pi
  3. Circumference of a circle
  4. Area of a circle
  5. How to approximate the area of a circle

Volume and Surface Area of Shapes

  1. Volume of solids
  2. Volume of a cube
  3. Volume of a box
  4. Volume of a sphere
  5. Volume of an ellipsoid
  6. Volume of a cylinder
  7. Volume of a cone
  8. Volume of a pyramid
  9. Volume of irregular shapes
  10. Difference between volume and capacity
  11. Volume formulas
  12. Finding surface area
  13. Surface area of a cube
  14. Surface area of a rectangular prism
  15. Surface area of a cylinder
  16. Surface area of a square pyramid
  17. Surface area of a sphere
  18. Surface area of a cone
  19. Surface area formulas 

Congruence and Similarity

  1. Congruent shapes
  2. Congruent triangles
  3. Similar shapes
  4. Similar triangles

Slope and standard form of a line

  1. What is slope
  2. How to find the slope
  3. Undefined slope
  4. Graphing slope
  5. Slope intercept form
  6. Point slope form
  7. Slope calculator

Pythagorean theorem

  1. Pythagorean theorem
  2. Converse of the Pythagorean theorem
  3. Pythagorean triples
  4. Special right triangles
  5. Pythagorean word problems
  6. Pythagorean theorem calculator

Geometric formulas

  1. Distance formula
  2. Centroid of a triangle
  3. Midpoint of a line segment
  4. Common geometry formulas

Geometric calculator

  Geometry calculator

Construction in geometry

Straightedge and compass construction

Tessellations in geometry

Word problems in geometry

Math problem solving strategies

Common mistakes in math

Geometry word problems

Perimeter word problems

Area word problems

Interesting topics

Direct variation

Geometry proofs

Geometry postulates

Segment addition postulate


  • Identify basic shapes in geometry
  • Find perimeter and area of shapes
  • Find volume and surface area of solids
  • Learn about congruency
  • Find and graph the slope
  • Find the standard from of a line
  • Solve word problems in geometry
  • Explore some important proofs in geometry
  • And more!

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