Careers in math. There are so many great careers in mathematics that you can find with a math major. Explore them here

"What exciting careers in math can I find with a math degree?" My students ask me this question over and over

The short answer is everything! Yes, you don't know it yet, but with a hard earned major in mathematics, the sky is the limit

Many students who major in mathematics do not usually worry about what they are going to do with that until it is time to graduate.

Usually, students get a math major because they enjoy solving problems.

As a math major I can testify to that because I derive lots of satisfaction in solving math problems. I am also a teacher.

Talking about teaching, there is a common misconception that a major in math is of no use unless you plan to teach math.

Of course teaching is a good option since you will do the job that you know very well, but no math major will be stuck with teaching as the only job

The goal of this section of my site is to show you that once you have a math major your possibilities are endless.

The reason for this is because many places will hire you just because you have a math major.

Since getting a math major is not easy at all, it makes you look smart in the eyes of potential employers

Therefore, they think that if you can do math, you can probably do anything else they throw at you

So, if you have been thinking about changing your major because you have been hearing from friends that a math major is irrelevant and useless, think again

After I graduated I received interviews with Analog devices, insurance companies, Bank of America, computer programming firms, and even in market research.

The following list gives some of the job title held by math graduate:

Click on them to find out how you can become one

Careers that uses only math

Math teacher

Math professor


Careers that uses math a lot


Math editor


Operations Research Analyst

Careers where a strong knowledge of math is important

Electrical engineer

Computer software engineer

Computer programmer


Careers where your math knowledge will come in handy

Financial Analyst

Purchasing Agent/Manager

Retail buyer


Market Research Analyst

Careers in math are not limited to the above, but it does give you an idea about the many opportunities a math major offers.

My goal is to help explore your possibilities; After that, hopefully, you will not change your major.

And if never planned to major in math, I hope I can inspire you to pursue a degree in math

No one said it would be easy. However, if you succeed with this major, you can probably write your own tickets to many jobs.

After you have explored your options, look for math jobs in your area

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