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Area of shapes

By definition, the area of shapes is the amount of space inside those shapes.You can find the area of any two-dimensional shape or any shape that has a width and a length

The area can only be found for flat surfaces, so it does not make sense to say, " What is the area of a box ? "

You could however, find the volume of the box

A tile, a tabletop, a rug, a ping pong table, a tennis court, a soccer field, and a foorball field are all examples of shapes that you can get the area for

To get the amount of space inside a figure, we use a square to represent 1 unit and we say that the area is measured in square units

Take a look at the following rectangle. To get the area, we are going to draw squares of equal sizes inside of it.


1 square represents 1 square unit. The rectangle has 8 squares, so the area for this rectangle is 8 square units.

We can also write 8 units2 and it will mean the same

Notice,it is very important, that you can get the same answer if you multiply 2 square units by 4 square units because 2 × 4 = 8

2 square units represent the measure of the width and 4 square units represent the measure for the length.

Thus, in general, to get the area for a rectangle, just use the following formula:
Area of rectangle = length × width

In practice, when looking for the area of shapes, you will be using real life units such, inches, yards, feet, and so forth

The following examples demonstrate how to do this


Notice here the unit we are using is inch. That means we are going to use squares, which have a side of 1 inch to get the area for the rectangle.

Area = length × width = 5 × 2 = 10 square inches or 10 inches2

This also means that we can fit 10 squares with a side of 1 inch inside this rectangle.

Find the area of the following rectangle


Area = length × width = 10 × 2 = 20 square inches or 20 inches2

Now,that you understand how to get the area for a rectangle, it is going to be easy to get the area of shapes such as squares, triangles, and trapezoid.

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