basic mathematics image
 basic mathematics image

Basic number properties

Basic number properties are explored here. Basically, there are three properties. These are the commutative, associative, and the distributve property.

However, we can extend them to include the properties of zero and one. We also called these properties rules of arithmetic.

Furthermore, there are also the properties of equality, properties of inequality, and properties of exponents.

Commutative property
The commutative property of numbers is explained for both addition and multiplication. Real life examples of the commutative property are introduced to help illustrate or make the concept a little bit more interesting.

Associative property
The associative property of numbers is explained for both addition and multiplication. Start off with a nice real life example and at the end, see the difference between the commutative and the associative property

Distributive property
The distributive property is explained with three good examples

Properties of zero
Here, we explain the properties of zero. The failure to understand and/or recognize these properties may lead to some common mistakes made by students .Master these properties once and for all right here.

Identity property of multiplication
The identity property of multiplication also called multiplication property of one is explained here. The identity property of division is also explained and illustrated with examples

Properties of equality
The properties of equality illustrated with examples

Properties of inequality
The properties of inequality illustrated with examples

Properties of exponents
The properties of exponents illustrated with examples

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