Strong understanding of decimals place value!

As you study this lesson, you will discover that decimals place value is similar to place value of whole numbers.

Study the following diagram carefully. You should see some similarity with place value for whole numbers

Decimals place value
The place value for 4 is the tenths.

Note that 1 tenth = 0.1 or 
1 / 10
 ,so 4 tenths means 4 × 0.1 or 0.4

Note also that the place value for 2 is the thousandths

1 thousandth = 0.001 or 
1 / 1000
 ,so 2 thousandths means 2 × 0.001 or 0.002

There is another way to look at it!

Write down the 2, then replace all numbers on the left of 2 with a zero

The last number that will be replaced with a zero is the one right before the decimal point

You will get the same answer: 0.002


Find the name of the place for each underlined digit.


4 is in the tenths place


5 is in the thousandths place


0 is in the hundredths place

What is the value of each of the underlined numbers above?

For 756.45, the value of 4 is 0.4

For 6214.265, the value of 5 is 0.005

For 32564.10477, the value of 0 is 0.00 and a bunch of zeros like these is of course not interesting since is is just 0!

Decimals place value quiz. Check your understanding of this lesson.

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