Educational math software

A good educational math software is not easy to find. As a teacher, I have done my research.

Find here Top-notch university, high school math software, and middle school math software by leading publishers and developers

These will assist students, teachers, and professors to a great extent to solve math problems

Visual Math student edition.

This software will help teachers and students to teach or study mathematics, including algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, complex variable function, fractal, curve fitting, probability analysis and optimistics.

fitting-image probability-image

A one of a kind scientific calculator for PC!

It an "Academic Multi-Campus License Grant" intended for educational institutions including schools, professional educational institutions, colleges, and universities. It is not available to commercial or personal users.If you are a school and you want to give your students access to a sophisticated calculator, this is the calculator for your school


Statistical analysis software

This is a statistical Analysis and Inference Software for Windows. It covers everything from Average, Mode and Variance through to Hypothesis Analysis, Linear Regression, and Times Series.

Among many others, the math software can do the followings:

- Single, Dual (paired and unpaired) and Multiple Data Analysis.

- Sample or Population data.

- Time Based for Time Series Analysis data.

- Data can be entered as Raw Data, Grouped Data, or as Summary Data.

- Raw Data can be converted into Grouped Data.

- Raw Data can have in-built Transformations applied to them.

- Data can be fully documented and stored in DataLists.

- Standardisation of Data around given mean/standard deviation.

- Sample Size calculations.

- Statistical Summary including: mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, kurtosis, skew, etc.

- Graphs and Charts including: Histograms, Line Graphs, Pie Graphs, Ogives, Scatter Diagrams, Rootograms, Bar Charts and more.

- Inference and Hypothesis Analysis of a Single Population

- Inference and Hypothesis Analysis of Two Populations.

- Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).

- Linear Regression with Transformations of the dependent variable.

- Multiple Regression with Transformations of the dependent variables

- Moving Averages.

- Trend Analysis of Time Series Data.

and more of course!

Among these great educational math software, I particularly recommend The scientific calculator for PC for the following reasons

Help students practice math and reach their full academic potential

Great scientific and statistical functions

Plot Data and graph functions in seconds

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