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Reading and writing whole numbers

Reading and writing whole numbers can be explained by using the following illustration.

Take a close look and carefully study it!


Recall that the place value for 2, 4, and 6 are the hundred-thousands,the ten-thousands,and the thousands respectively.

Again, the position occupied by 2 is the hundred-thousands and putting a 2 is this position means that there are 2 hundred-thousands or two hundred thousand.

In the same way, putting a 4 in the ten-thousands position means that there are 4 ten-thousands or forty thousands because 4 tens is forty.

Finally, putting a 6 in the thousands position means that there are 6 thousands or six thousand.

Putting it all together, we have

(two hundred) thousand + (forty) thousand + (six) thousand =

(two hundred + forty + six)thousand =

(two hundred forty six)thousand = 246 thousand

What gives us the right to just add two hundred, forty, and six?

Try to do the following:

two hundred cars + forty cars + six cars.

Would not you agree that it is equal to two hundred forty six cars?

The above is the same, except that instead of using cars, we are using thousand.

The group name, as shown in the illustration, is 'thousands'

In general, it is unnecessary to say it three times.

When reading whole numbers, always read the numeral first, which is 246 and then the group name from left to right.

Therefore, we read

(two hundred) thousand + (forty) thousand + (six) thousand as

( two hundred forty six) thousand = 246 thousand.

By the same token, the next group name, which is 'millions' is read five hundred twenty million = 520 million

The whole number can be read as:

(two hundred thirty four) billion (five hundred twenty) million (two hundred forty six) thousand nine hundred seventy eight =

(234 billion (520 million (246)thousand 978

Other examples

355,645 is read three hundred fifty five thousand, six hundred forty five

16,006,006 is read sixteen millions, six thousand, six

25,000,000,000 is read twenty five billion

knowing place value and reading and writing whole numbers are important to understand the lessons that will follow. Study them well; It will pay off!

Test your knowledge with the quiz below:

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