Volume of a box

Given the length, the height, and the width, the volume of a box also called rectangular prism can be found by using the following formula:

A box with width = w, height = h and length = l
Vbox = l × w × h

It is not always straightforward to label the height, the width, and the length. It is just a matter of perspective!

Looking at box above, what I labeled as length could also be called width and vice versa.

And it you rotate the box by 90 degrees, what looks like the length right now will look like the height

Finally, the volume is expressed in cubit unit. Therefore, if the unit you are using is meter, the volume is expressed in cubic meter or meter3

Enough talking!

Example #1:

Find the volume with a length of 5 inches, a height of 2 inches, and a width of 4 inches

Vbox = l × w × h

Vbox = 5 inches × 4 inches × 2 inches

Vbox = 20 inches 2 × 2 inches

Vbox = 40 inches 3

Example #2:

An LCD tv was put in a box with a length of 2 feet, a height of 3 feet, and a width of 0.5 foot. What is the volume of the box?

Vbox = l × w × h

Vbox = 2 × 0.5 × 3

Vbox = 1 ft 2 × 3 ft

Vbox = 3 ft 3

Example #3:

A swimming pool is shaped like a big box with a length of 10 feet, a height of 8 feet, and a width of 20 foot. What is the volume of the swimming pool?

Vbox = l × w × h

Vbox = 10 × 20 × 8

Vbox = 200 ft 2 × 8 ft

Vbox = 1600 ft 3

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