Adding games 

The adding games here will really help students have fun as they learn how to add numbers with 1 digit

The one immediately below is called Number Twins. Then, you will see some links below that will take you to some other great addition games that we have on this site


In this game, you will see 100 balls with numbers on them.

The balls have numbers from 1 to 9 on them

The goal of this game is to match balls that add up to 10

It is easy to get started as long as you follow the rules

Just click on any ball and then click on another one. The 2 balls you just clicked should equal to 10 when you add the numbers on them

If they equal to 10, they will just disappear from the grid

You can only destroy balls that are connected by a line that turn at most twice

Others addition games can be found below:

Add game
A slight variation of the addition game above.Destroy balls by making 10. There are many levels to beat. Very fun game!

Addition game
You have 60 seconds to add as many numbers as possible

If you would like to, please send us your feedback about this game here It will be very much appreciated. We also have other fun math games here. Don't forget to check them out.

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