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Want to see how your math skills can be used in computer science? Become a computer software engineer

Introduction to the field:

A computer software engineer apply the principles of engineering, computer science, and math skills to design, develop, and test software.

First, they need to know the users' needs. Then, they will design, develop,test, and maintain the software according to the users' specifications.

the jobs entails the design of many types of software, including computer games, word processing, excel, compilers,and the operating systems.

Designing an operating system, such as window xp is a fabulous and outstanding task.

It is important to differentiate between them and programmers

Part of the job of a software designer is to create algorithms. These are detailed instructions that tell a computer what to do.

Then, the programmer will write those instructions using a programming language such as Java, C++, C, or Cobol.

They are quite capable of writing programs, but it is not their primary responsibility. It is the programmer's responsibility to write codes.

The challenge:

People in this field face similar challenges as computer programmers. Long hours of work may come unexpectedly to finish lengthy projects or unexpected problems.

And unexpected problems such as bugs, unanticipated difficult piece of codes or other types of complications come pretty much with the job description

I graduated in guadeloupe (France) with a double major in math and computer science. I got a taste of what it's like to design and write codes

Yet, I would rather solve math problems and write math proofs as opposed to playing around with codes by trials and errors

Great analytical skills is needed to isolate problems, solutions, and exceptions.

I believe you can be great at math even though you may have limited or no knowledge of computer science.

However, you cannot be a good programmer, or software engineeer if you struggle in math

Yes, this field requires strong mathematical skills. Among others, it is important to know discrete mathematics.

Discrete mathematics has applications to almost any conceivable area of study, but it has many applications to software engineering. Mathematics is in fact essential for creating software.

The only thing I would not mind doing is the making of educational math software, especially mathh games. I could survive doing that!

Anyway, computer software engineer spend lots of time behind the computer, so it is not uncommon for people in this field to experience back problems, eyestrain, or wrist problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Furthermore, every new project is a new challenge and it may require months, or even years to bring to completion depends on the nature of the project and/or how many people are working on it.

Getting the job as a computer software engineer:

It is not hard to get a job as a software engineer with a math major. I said this before, but after I graduated with a math major, I got an interview with analog devices to become a software engineer.

Althougth I did not get the job, the degree in math definitely helped me secure the interview.

Any company who designs software will be more than happy to hire a math major as one of their staff.

A BS in mathematics is all you need. Keep your eyes open; the following companies may have an open position available for you:


Oracle corporation

Tone software





and so forth...

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