Copying an angle

Copying an angle using only a straightedge and a compass is what I will show you here

I will show you the steps to copy an acute angle. The steps are still the same when the angle is right or obtuse.

Therefore, study the steps outlined here carefully and you will be able to copy any angle

Copy Angle A:

Copying angle A
Step 1:

Draw a ray and call the endpoint B

Copying an angle: step 1
Step 2: Place the needle of the compass at the vertex of angle A, open the compass to a certain distance, and draw an arc of any size.

Copying an angle : step 2
After that keeping the opening of the compass the same distance, place the needle of the compass at vertex B and draw an arc that will touch the ray at point C for instance

Copying an angle: step 3
Step 3: Use your compass to measure the distance in blue

Copying an angle: step 4
Then, keeping the distance the same, place the needle of the compass at point C and draw an arc that will intersect the arc that passes through C. Call the point the two arc intersects D.

Copying an angle: step 5
Step 4

Draw a line between points B and D and you are done!

Copying an angle: step 6

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