Debt to income ratio calculator

The following debt to income ratio calculator will greatly assist you in determining if you are qualified to get a mortgage or not.

The calculator will find two types of debt to income ratio. The first one is the front end ratio and the second one is the back end ratio

The front end ratio is your monthly housing payment divided by monthly gross income

Monthly housing payment in this case is either your rent or your monthly mortgage if you own a house

Your monthly mortgage is also called P.I.T.I.

P.I.T.I. stands for principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

The back end ratio is your monthly housing payment + all other recurring payments such as credit card payments, auto loans, student loans, and other payments you make monthly divided by your monthly gross income

As a rule of thumb and depend on your lender, the front end ratio should not exceed 28% while the back end ratio should not exceed 36%

Guidelines to use the debt to income ratio calculator

When entering numbers, do not use a slash: "/" or "\"

After you have entered all values, hit calculate and both ratios will be displayed in the big box below:

                                       Monthly gross income: 

                                   rent or mortgage(P.I.T.I.): 

                                                            Auto loan:      

                                                      Student loan: 

                                                Credit card bills:  

                                                   Personal loans:      

                                       401 k / retirement loan 

                                     Child support / alimony:

                               Other recurring payments:      



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