Basic math review game

This basic math review game will take you on the biggest adventure ever as you review some important basic math skills. Hang on tight and wait for the game to load. It will load faster next time!

Rules of the game:

You have two types of life.

The first one is shown with a green rectangle on top of your head. With this one you lose life when the green guys touch you

The second one is shown on top of the screen and in the middle with a black rectangle. this rectangle will turn yellow if you touch the wrong answer.

If you hit too many wrong answers, game over

If you hit the green guys too often, game over.

The game also has a timer. If you don't answer all the questions before the timer reaches 0, game over.

After you complete a level, look for the red door to go to the next level!

How to play:

The question is located at the top left corner and the answers are located inside squares randomly placed on the screen.

Make the player hit the correct answer.

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