Geometry symbols

All geometry symbols I could think of are compiled on this page. If you don't find the symbol you were looking for, kindly email and I will add it to this list

     Symbols                                       Meaning of the symbols

          Therefore-image                                                        therefore

          If-then-symbol-image                                               If x then y

           is-congruent-to-image                                                    is congruent to

          is-not-congruent-to-image                                                     is not congruent to

           is-similar-to-image                                                     is similar to

          Angle-with-vertex-A-image                                                    Angle with vertex A

          angles-image                                                       refers to angles( more than one)

          Measure-of-angle-A-image                                                Measure of angle A in degree(s)

           °                                                           Degree(s)

           n°                                                          n degree(s)

          is-perpendicular-to-image                                                          is perpendicular to

          is-not-perpendicular-to-image                                                       is not perpendicular to

           ||                                                           is parallel to

          is-not-parallel-image                                                        is not parallel to

           ∟                                                          right angle sign

           ∆ABC                                                   Triangles with vertices A, B, and C;

          triangles-image                                                        refers to triangles (more than one)

          Parallelogram-with-vertices-ABCD-image                                            Parallelogram with vertices A,B,C,and D

          Parallelograms-image                                                      refers to Parallelograms( more than one)

           Circle-with-center-A-image                                                       circle with center A

           AB                                                        Segment with endpoint A and B

           AB                                                       Length of segment AB

          Ray-with-endpoint-A-image                                                       Ray AB with endpoint A passing through B

          Line-through-point-A-and-B-image                                                       Line through points A and B

           π                                                   Ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle.

           s                                                           Usually Length of a side

           b                                                          length of a base

           A                                                          Area

           h                                                          height of a figure

           d                                                          diameter of a circle

           r                                                           radius of a circle

           P                                                           perimeter

           C                                                          circumference

           B                                                           Area of base

           L.A.                                                       Lateral area

           S.A.                                                       surface area

           V.                                                          volume

           l                                                             slant height

           a                                                            apothem

           b1, b2                                                      bases of a trapezoid (parallel sides)

           n-gon                                                      polygon with n sides

          Arc-with-endpoints-A-and-B-image                                                         Arc with endpoints A and B

          Parallelograms-image                                                      Arc with endpoints A and C containing B

          Parallelograms-image                                                      measure of arc AB

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