All geometric formulas explained with word problems

Who needs this geometric formulas ebook?

Geometric formulas ebook

You absolutely need this geometric formulas ebook if ...

  • You are taking a geometry class at the moment.
  • You have never taken a geometry class before and you want to get ready for it.
  • You think geometry is complicated.
  • You need to review geometry, but you don't have time to read a 500 pages geometry book.
  • You are about to take a standardized test and you need to become familiar with the questions that are likely to appear on the test.
  • You need a concise but complete list of all geometric formulas.
  • You have seen these formulas before, but you have no idea how to use them.
  • You fear geometry because of repeated failures.


Strengths of the geometric formulas ebook

  • Written by a math major and a certified math teacher with more 10 years of experience teaching mathematics.
  • Plenty of exercises and word problems that show how to use every single formula.
  • Top-notch solutions/explanations of all exercises and word problems.
  • Although this book is not named algebra, you will also strengthen your algebra skills and master many important algebra concepts as you learn how to use and apply the geometric formulas.
  • All steps are justified/shown in order to make the solution crystal clear.

You need this ebook even if you have already mastered geometry. Use it as a quick reference guide or give it away to someone who still struggle with geometry.

Geometric formulas covered

  • Area and perimeter formulas
  • Volume formulas
  • Surface area formulas
  • Angle formulas
  • Circle formulas
  • Coordinate geometry formulas
  • Right triangle formulas
  • Total number of diagonals formula
  • Basic trigonometric formulas

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Excellent teaching style.

Excellent help.

This was really helpful! I now know how to solve similar problems that will be on the upcoming midterm. Thanks!

I appreciate how thorough you are. Thank you!

You are a great teacher!

I am no longer afraid of math

Jetser, thank you so much for your help. you do a good job of explaining this.

You are doing a great job with my daughter.

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