Identify fractions game

With this game, you will learn to identify fractions quickly and it is really fun! 

Read the rules below before you start playing.

Rules of the game:

Rule #1: Count the red portion of the shape

Rule #2: Count the red portion of the shape

Rule #3: After you found the fraction represented by the red portion, use your mouse 
to enter the answer.

For example, if the fraction you see is 3/4, use your mouse to click 3, /, and 4 in that order.  

Rule#4 : turn up the volume and enjoy the game.

If you find any problem with this game, send me an email.

If you were able to finish this game, let me know  what the last shape looks like and the fraction represented by the last shape, so I can add your name on this page to celebrate your success.

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