Matchsticks game

Matchsticks game is a great geometric game and it will definitely sharpen your mind, especially your visual and spatial skill.


The game has 24 matchsticks.

Form squares by removing a specified number of matches!

For instance you could be asked to remove 10 matches to form 2 squares.


Carefully think about it before you remove a match. Once you remove it, you cannot put it back.

Therefore, one false move at the beginning could make things really challenging.

Keep track in your head of how many you already removed since the game will not tell you.

A good strategy!

Practice with real matches before removing them from the game.

Pretend the game says remove 9 matches to form 4 squares.

Since you have 15 matches left, you could get 15 real matches and try to make 4 squares with them.

Once you have made the 4 squares, you can go back to the game and remove the ones you need to end up with your shape

You will notice that it is easy to get started, but not as easy to finish.

The more you play, the more you will know which matches to remove and where to remove them.

So have fun and remember. Practice makes perfect!

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