Online sudoku puzzles

Online sudoku puzzles for whoever enjoys challenge and wants to indulge in some deep thinking

The sudoku game has become so popular that it is included in many national newspapers

Sudoku is easy to play although it requires lots of patience to finish.

Trial and error is a big attribute of this game yet you will not need a pencil here.

The game requires logical thinking, so it is a good game for an audience of all ages and background


The layout that is mostly used is the 9 × 9 grid to a total of 81 grids

There are also subgrids that are 3 × 3. There are 9 subgrids

Each subgrid is usually called a region

Every row, column, and region must contain only 1 instance of each number

For example, you cannot put 2 twice in a region. The same applies for a row or a column

Each sudoku puzzle is already filled with some numbers.

We called these numbers "givens"

Enter any number from 1 to 9 into the grid!

When every grid has a number, You have successfuly completed the sudoku puzzle

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If you can, please send me some feedbacks about this game here I will appreciate it very much. We also have other fun math games on this website. Don't forget to check them out.

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