Ordering integers

Ordering integers with number balls is really fun and it will help anyone master integers quickly

Comparing integers is a very important skill in mathematics.

The failure to master this skill can make it really difficult to understand algebra

This game will make the process a breeze and again fun!.

The rule is simple. You have to order the integers from least to greatest

So click on the ball you believe has the smallest integer on it

If your answer is correct, the ball will be destroyed.

There are 8 levels in the game. Higher levels will have more balls

A level is completed after you have destroyed all the balls

If you complete all levels, well that is great.

However, speed is also a factor here, so the faster you complete the game, the higher your score will be

Therefore, after you have mastered how to compare integers, try to complete the game fast so you can get the highest score ever

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For a complete and thorough lesson about comparing integers, check Comparing integers A related game that you may enjoy as well is given below:

Comparing integers game

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