Purchasing agent job description. Find out how you can have a great career in this field.

Purchasing agent job description and introduction to the field:

As a purchasing agent, you will work in a fast-pace environment characterized by high energy.

Purchasing agents buy things for companies, such as raw material, products, and any other services that the company needs to maintain operations.

In a school for instance, they may have to buy paper towels, books and school supplies ordered by teachers, food, desks, and so forth...

whatever they order, their jobs is to ensure that the organization runs smoothly by ordering stuff in a timely fashion.

The challenge:

Although math skills in an invaluable skill in this profession, it is not limited to being good at math.

The job of purchasing agents is far more complex than simple buying. Because the marketplace is always seeking and competing for buyers, decisions are often made quickly; this may create financial risk.

An organization expects the agent not only to know how to buy, but they have to make important decisions on the quality of the items that they buy.

Buy it cheap, and it may not be of good quality. Buy it too high, and it the company may lose money.

Yes, these people are a crucial part of the management team and their contribution is crucial as they make decision that can affect the financial well being of the organization.

Your math skills will become handy when you have to compute the cost of an item and how much it will cost to transport that item.

Once again, the company will need more than your math skills because it is your responsibility to ensure that the vendors will meet their promises about quantity and delivery date. It can help your organization a lot to get what they need in a timely fashion.

Having said that, the agent must anticipate problems, such as bad weather, transportation related problems, and any of the like that can postpone or delay delivery.

Getting the job:

Mathematical modeling is used by almost every business strategists in order to anticipate outcomes to changes in variables.

The varables could be the price of raw materials, cost for advertisements, packaging and shipping costs, and many other variables that can affect the success of a business, or organization.

Having a bachelor in mathematics will fit very well into the needs of those organizations that are working under such pressures.

Many employers are desperately looking for people with math skills. You may not have been aware of the demand placed on you. You will do well if you believe in your potential.

Keep in mind that a master is required for many top-level manager positions.

If you are just entering the profession, do not be surprise if they ask you to show your certification because it has become more and more important.

For more information about purchasing agent job description and certification, you may want check the following websites:

Institute for supply management

American purchasing society

The association for operations management

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