Certified financial analyst

Find out right here how to become a certified financial analyst and crunch into numbers for the rest of your life
Introduction to the field:

The ideal job for someone who has a bachelors in math and is looking forward to going to graduate school would be a position that uses his or her math skills and provide which provides the opportunity to learn more

Such position do exist. These position titles are market analyst, certified financial analyst, and operations research analyst.

Positions are in banking or consulting. An analyst is someone who provide expert advice.

His job is to help his employer or his employer's client invest wisely to get the best return on their money or to solve business solution.

The challenge:

If you like this field, you should know your math very well, but especially you should master mathematics of investment and interest, and you should be familiar with mathematical models.

These skills are a must because someone in this field needs to know how to calculate return on investment, use, and/or construct good financial model for his clients.

Furthermore, he or she will work with clients, prepare presentations, and and assist with report and proposal writing.

Therefore, if you math courses did not require much writing or oral communication, you might want to consider taking a class in technical writing and/or oral communication.

Finally, a financial analyst will study cost of living, personal income growth, rates of employment, gross national production, fiscal plan of the federal government, market trends, indexes of common stocks, and more of the same token.

Getting the job:

To get a job as a financial analyst, a person must have a bachelor's degree. Employers are looking for people who majored in business, accounting, statistics, finance, economics, and of course mathematics.

The following link: How to become a Certified Financial Analyst will help you see how you can become certified.

The site explains in details how to acquire the CFA designation. Usually, people who have a bachelor degree and three years of experience in the financial industry can become certified.

To acquire the CFA title, a person must pass three examinations in securities analysis,portfolio management, and accounting economics.

The title is not required to become a financial analyst. However, it is very helpful for advancement, especially if you are working for an investment firms.

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