Shape inlay game

Shape inlay is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle that requires you to put a picture that has been cut into small pieces back together

The main difference with this game is that we don't have any picture and we are using regular and irregular geometric shapes.

These are triangles, squares, parallelogram, lots of trapezoids, rectangle, etc

This is another great game that will challenge your visual and spatial intelligence

Visual and spatial skills are important skills to have, among others, in order to be successful in geometry.


Left click with your mouse on the shape and drag it anywhere you want, preferably in a location where it fits perfectly

The better the geometric shape fits in a location, the higher your score

Use the space bar to rotate a figure

There is a hole on the left to discard shapes you don't want to use

If the shapes pile up at the bottom of the screen, you lose. Thus, fill them in as quickly as possible

There is only one thing I wish this game had. I wish there was some caption text telling very quickly the name of the shape appearing on the screen. This is kind of hard to implement.

However, if this was in place, it will teach everyone to how to name basic geometric shapes

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