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Solving equations using subtraction

When solving equations using subtraction, they will have this form:    x + b = c

Recall that ax + b = c is a linear equation.

Therefore, the equation x + b = c is a linear equation with a = 1.

To see this, notice that 1.x = x

Thus, we can rewrite x + b = c as

1.x + b = c

You can solve x + b = c in one step.

When solving one step equation of the form x + b = c, subtract b from both sides of the equation.

Let us illustrate with examples:

Example #1: Solve x + 3 = 8 for x


Alternatively, you do not have to put the -3 beneath the 3. You can also put it next to it.

x + 3 = 8

x + 3 − 3 = 8 − 3

x + 0 = 5

x = 5

Example #2: Solve x + 5 = 10 for x


Example #3: Solve x + 5 = - 10 for x


Test your knowledge with the quiz below:

Linear equations calculator
Easily solve equations of the form x + b = c with the click of a button!

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