Story word Problem: linear equation

A salesperson earns a $200 per week in base pay plus one-twentieth of his/her dollar sales volume. Find the salesperson’s dollar sales volume if he/she earned $785 for the week (before taxes).

Let x be the person's sales volume.

Let y the total money that he makes weekly

y = (1/5)* x + 200

Substitute 785 for y and solve for x.

785 = (1/5)* x + 200

Subtract 200 from both sides of the equations.

785 - 200 = (1/5) * x + 200 - 200

585 = (1/5) * x

Multiply both sided by 5

585 * 5 = 5 * (1/5) * x

2925 = 1 * x

2925 = x

The sales volume is $2935

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May 08, 2015
by: evanhayward

Good Stuff!! A fantastic article. Very objective and critical.

Jan 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

My mathematics teacher always told me I had a thing for linear equations and algebra. The fact is that I just enjoy finding the unknown and I am good at it. My friends always talk about this, that I will be a great math teacher one day. Thank you for the simple yet exciting problem.

Nov 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

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