Binary to decimal converter

This binary to decimal converter is a great calculator that will convert any number from the base-2 notational system to the base-10 notational system

Just enter any number in base 2 into the box on the left and click on the button that says calculate.


Enter only 0's or 1's

Recall that to convert a number from binary to decimal, you have to do the following just in case you did not know how the calculator did the math

for example, convert 1101 into decimal.

starting from the right, the math is

1 × 20 + 0 × 21 + 1 × 22 + 1 × 23

1 × 1 + 0 × 2 + 1 × 4 + 1 × 8

1 + 0 + 4 + 8


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