Ancient numeration system

Throughout history, a variety of numeration system has been developed to represent numbers. Today, the number system we are most familiar with is the Hindu-Arabic numerals system.

We will start our discussion with the latter. Study these unit with confidence and with an open mind. Things that are unfamiliar may appear complicated on the surface. Read the lessons multiple times if something is unclear.

In this unit, we will focus our study mostly on ancient number systems and see how these relate to our present number system, which is the Hindu-Arabic numerals

Study the following number systems in the order given here. It will facilitate comprehension a lot

Hindu-Arabic numerals system
A good explanation of the Hindu-Arabic numerals. It is the numerals that is widely used today. Learn about features and various attributes of this number system. As you study other number systems, try to relate the information to the one presented here

Tally numerals system
The simplest of all ancient numerals systems. Learn about its simplicity, advantages, but also some of its flaws.This numeration is used a lot in statistics

Egyptian numerals system
A system that uses symbols such as fish, heelbone, lotus flower,... to represent numbers. It is easy to understand, but calculation can become quickly cumbersome.

Roman numerals system
Many of us have become familiar to this numerals system through the manipulation of books since many books use roman numerals as page numbers. However, explore it a little bit deeper here!

Babylonian numerals system
It uses only two symbols to represent all possible numbers. However, it is probably one of the most ambiguous of all numerals.

Mayan numerals system
This number system should be studied last.It uses three basic symbols yet it is probably one of the most sophisticated and most complicated of all numerals

Nondecimal numeration system

Base five numeration system

Base five number system
A good introduction to the base five number system. Also included is a good explanation of the familiarity and differences between base 5 and base 10

Adding in base five
Learn to add numbers in base 5

Subtracting in base five
Learn to subtract numbers in base 5

Multiplying in base five
Learn to multiply numbers in base 5

Binary number system:

Binary number system
A solid and thorough introduction of the binary or base two number system. Get ready to sweat and master the binary number system once and for all

Adding in base two
Learn to add binary numbers

Subtracting in base two
Learn to subtract binary numbers

Multiplication in base two
Learn to multiply binary numbers

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