Gas cost calculator

The following gas cost calculator will help you determine three things: annual gas cost, monthly gas cost, and miles per gallon (MPG)

Daily mileage:                                   

Cost per gallon(in USD):                

Gas tank size(in gallons)                    

Days between fillups                      



Guidelines to follow when using the gas cost calculator

When entering numbers, do not use a slash: "/" or "\"

Daily mileage
: It is the number of miles you drive your car daily. Just enter an estimate.

Cost per gallon: It is what you pay at the gas pump to put gas in your car.

Gas tank size: How many gallons of gas can your tank hold when it is full?

Days between fillups: How often do you fill your tank? Is it every 2 days, 3 days, 4 days.....? I fill mine every 6 days.

Take a look at the figure below to see an example of how to enter number.

Gas cost calculator

Suppose you enter the following information into the calculator:

  • Daily mileage is 50
  • Cost per gallon is 3
  • Gas tank is 18
  • Days between fillups is 6

The gas cost calculator will display the following information:

  • The miles per gallon is 16.66
  • The annual gas cost is 3285 dollars
  • The monthly gas cost is 273.75 dollars

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