Math vocabulary quizzes

A collection of math vocabulary quizzes that will help you see with some carefully chosen questions if your math vocabulary is strong. The goal is to help you in no time become familiar with many math words that are important to know and understand in order to do well in math.

Math vocabulary quiz

Here are seven well put together math vocabulary quizzes

Math vocabulary quiz on real numbers
Understand the meaning of absolute value, factor, product, grouping symbols, associative property, additive inverse, and many others.

Math vocabulary quiz on equations and inequalities
Understand the meaning of additive property of equality, expression, like terms, compound inequalities, formula, and many others. 

Math vocabulary quiz on graphing 
Understand the meaning of domain, point-slope form, x-intercept, rise, quadrants, relation, origin, ordered pairs, and many others.

Math vocabulary quiz on exponents and polynomials 
Understand the meaning of degree of a term, term, polynomial, scientific notation, expanded form, numerical factor, and many others.

Math vocabulary quiz on solving systems of linear equations and inequalities 
Understand the meaning of consistent system, independent equation,inconsistent system, and many others.

Math vocabulary quiz on factoring polynomials
Understand the meaning of factor, factoring completely, difference of two cubes, standard form of a quadratic equation, and many others.

Math vocabulary quiz on rational expressions
Understand the meaning of rational expression, common factor, lowest terms, complex fraction, direct variation, and many others.

Other recommended quizzes that will test not your math vocabulary, but your knowledge of math concepts. 

First read the lesson to understand the concept and then the quiz ill be at the end of each lesson.

Least common multiple
See how well you can find the least common multiple

Adding fractions
See how well you can add fractions

Basic geometry quiz
See how well you understand some basic concepts in geometry.

Basic algebra quiz
See how well you understand some basic concepts in algebra

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