Basic math word problems

You encounter and solve basic math word problems on a daily basis without thinking about it. Knowing how to tackle and solve word problems is an important skill in school

As you try to understand the word problems presented here, you will become more aware of these problems and sharpen your basic math skills at the same time.

In the end, you should feel comfortable solving most word problems that use basic math as a skill!

Try to follow this unit in the order given here so you can get the most benefit. However, it is not necessary to understand any of the lessons

Whole number word problems:

Addition word problems
Learn how to use your knowledge of addition to solve addition word problems.

Subtraction word problems
Learn how to use your knowledge of subtraction to solve subtraction word problems

Multiplication word problems
Learn how to use your knowledge of multiplication to solve multiplication word problems

Division word problems
Learn how to use your knowledge of division to solve division word problems

Place value word problems
Enhance your knowledge of place value with some word problems

Fraction word problems

Adding fractions word problems
Learn about fraction word problems that require you to perform addition to solve them.

Subtracting fractions word problems
Learn about fraction word problems that require you to perform subtraction to solve them.

Multiplying fractions word problems
Learn about real life situations that require you to multiply fractions.

Dividing fractions word problems
Learn about real life situations that require you to divide fractions.

Ratio and proportion word problems

Ratio word problems
Six carefully selected ratio word problems with solutions to help you master ratios.

Proportion word problems
Four carefully selected proportion word problems with solutions.

Percentage word problems

Percentage word problems
Some very good word problems about percentage.

Percent error word problems
Good explanation of how to calculate the percent error with a couple of word problems.

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Average age word problem 
Average age of Dipu and Apu is 22 years. Average age of Dipu and Tipu is 24 years. Age of Dipu is 21 years. What are the ages of Apu, and tipu ? …

Sharing money and equations 
A certain value of money will be distributed among 24 students. If 6 students don't come each child will receive 300 dollars more money. Find the amount …

Candies and fractions 
Ricky, Carl and Jerome have a total of n candies. Ricky ate 1/4 of the candies. Carl ate 1/3 of the remaining candies. Jerome ate 1/5 of the remaining …

Riddle Me Numbers 
Divide me by 10 and 3 remains. A square number my first digit to be. My second digit is the product of 1 and 3. All together I'm greater than 50. …

number of pencils in each box problem 
Sergio had 8 colored pencils. He bought 3 more boxes of colored pencils. Sergio now has 35 colored pencils. If each box had the same number of pencil, …

inequality and field trip 
Mrs. william is deciding between two field tips for her class. the science center charges $135 plus $3 per student. the dino discovery museum simply charges …

Find regular hourly rate 
Alice, who is paid time-and-a half for hours in excess of 40 hours, had gross weekly wages of $667 for 52 hours worked. what is her regular hourly rate? …

Selling lemonade word problem 
Sasha and Francisco were selling lemonade for 25 cents per half cup and 50 cent per full cup. At the end of the day they had collected 15 dollars and had …

solving a word problem with 3 unknowns using a linear equation  
Amanda, Henry, and Scott have a total of $89 in thier wallets. Amanda has 6$ less than Scott. Henry has 3 times what scott has. How much does each have? …

Solving a Hot Dog Word Problem with a Linear Equation 
Shawn was training for a hot dog contest. He trained for 6 days and each day he ate 4 more hot dogs. At the end of 6 days he had ate 150 hot dogs. How …

A Tricky Percentage Math Problem  
If someone wants to make $10.00 when selling an item and I get 40%. How much do I need to add to $10.00? It's not coming out when I add 40% to 10.00. …

Word Percentage problem 
8. A department has a total of 22,000 units of stock. 25% of the garments are black; 10% of the garments are size 14. a) How many black garments …

Math and metric system 
660 centimeters is equal to how many meters? 1 meter = 100 centimeters If it was 600 centimeters instead of 660, you could easily get the answer. …

Problem solving: Least common multiple 
During a car race, two competitors will stop to fill up the fuel tank. One does it every 4 laps, and the other every 5 laps. When the race begins, …

A subtraction word problem  Not rated yet
Problem #1: Peter has 20 dollars in his pocket. He buys a 32 ounces vanilla ice cream for 8 dollars. How much is Peter's change? Solution In …

Percentage and yearly income Not rated yet
A man spends 20% of his income in food, 15% in clothes, 15% in house rent and 30% in miscellaneous. Find his yearly income if he saves Rs 2500 per months. …

distance from the mountain Not rated yet
Jane drove to the mountains last weekend. There was heavy traffic on the way there, and the trip took 10 hours. When Jane drove home, there was no traffic …

Multiplying Similar and Dissimilar Fractions Not rated yet
Problem: Jane has 1/6 of marbles in her hand from her bag of marbles. She wants to share it with her 3 friends, but she wants the same amount as the …

Mind Twisting vacation Trip with Proportion Not rated yet
Danny and Melissa decided to rent a campervan from for their 20-day vacation. They are already up from packing up their stuffs when …

Hypotenuse word problem Not rated yet
The two legs of a right triangle are the same length. The hypotenuse is 4 meters long. Find the length of the legs. Express your answer in simplified …

How many cakes? Not rated yet
You own a catering business that makes specialty cakes. Your company has decided to create three types of cakes. To create these cakes, it takes a team …

consecutive odd integers word problem Not rated yet
If the first and third of three odd consecutive integers are added, the result is 87 less than five times the second integer. Find the third integer. …

Gas tank word problem Not rated yet
The tank at a gas station contained 400 gallons of gas. A tanker truck that contained 8100 gallons of gas filled the station's tank. After that the tanker …

Good and service tax (GST) Not rated yet
If a house is sold for 187,000 there is a loss of 15% on the cost price. For how much should it be sold to make a gain of 15% on the cost price? …

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phone service and inequality Not rated yet
For his phone service, Ryan pays a monthly fee of $13.00, and he pays an additional $0.05 per minute of use. The least he has been charged in a month is …

When will beepers beep at the same time Not rated yet
Maria has 2 electronic beepers. One beeps after every 5 seconds and the second beeps after every 9 second. 1) At what time both beepers will beep at …

find consecutive odd positive integers Not rated yet
The sum of squares of two consecutive odd positive integers is 202. Find the integers. Solution Let 2x + 1 be the first odd integer Then, 2x …

cost to copy 4757 pages Not rated yet
How much does it cost to copy 4,757 pages if the cost is as following? Pages 1-25 cost 1.00 each. Pages 26-500 cost 50 cents each. Pages 501-finish …

Looking for 2 numbers (CNA)  Not rated yet
The larger of two numbers is 4 less than five times the smaller. When the smaller number is subtracted from the larger, the difference is 4. Find the numbers. …

Sleep and fraction Not rated yet
If I live to be 80 years old and sleep 8 hours a day, How many years have I slept Solution A day has 24 hours 24 = 8 + 8 + 8 So you spent …

pre algebra Not rated yet
liz, kyle, and sarah collected empty cans for a recycling drive. kyle collected 12 more cans than liz. sarah collected 2 times as many cans as liz. if …

Working together in Sales Not rated yet
Michael Scott, by himself, can close 8 sales in 4 hours. If he works with Dwight, they can close 8 sales in 2 hours. How many hours does it take Dwight …

Solving An Age Problem with Basic Math Not rated yet
Janet and younger brother Jared are 5 years apart. In age the sum of their ages is 13. How old is each. Trial and error 13 = 12 + 1 The difference …

Debra : Ounces and quarts problem Not rated yet
A restaurant serves 8 fluid ounces of soup to each customer. How many quarts of soup should be prepared in order to serve 185 customers? Solution …

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