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Discover some of my best books about fractions, geometry, education, etc that takes learning to a whole new level.

Algebra ebook
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Featured book: Algebra Skills

Get a solid understand of introductory topics in algebra. Have fun learning algebra with models.

If you are just starting with algebra, read this book first so all the basics are crystal clear in your mind.

If you already know the basics, use this book to dig a little deeper.

fractions book
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Fractions made easy 39.99 19.99 USD

A thorough coverage of fractions with illustations to help you master fractions once and for all

Strong modeling with rectangles, circles, portions of circles, and other graphs to make fractions intuitive, visual, spatial, and concrete

All the essentials of number theory concepts that are crucial in understanding fractions

Avoid common pitfalls and discover every trick that will help you master fractions

Top-notch, free resources such as fractions calculator and games at the end of each lesson to apply and pratice the lesson you just learned.

and much more.....

Geometry formulas

Geometric formulas 39.99 19.99 USD

This book contains all important geometric formulas used in school.

Plenty of exercises that show how to use the formulas.

All the formulas you are likely to see on standardized tests

Use this book as a quick and easy way to Learn or review geometry

Strengthen your algebra skills at the same time you are learning geometry

A top-notch reference for anyone who does not want to read a 400, 600, or 800 geometry book and still glean the most important informatio

Other math books that I recommend to further your  study of algebra and geometry

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