Geometry worksheets

A variety of geometry worksheets that teachers can give to students as homework or classwork.

Pythagorean theorem worksheet
Worksheet that will help you find missing length of a right triangle

Angle vocabulary worksheet
Worksheet about important math terms related to angles

Area of triangles worksheet

Worksheet about finding the area for different types of triangles.

Area worksheets
Worksheets on how to find the area of rectangles and triangles.
(From easy to challenging)

Classify angles worksheet

Worksheet about naming angles and classifying angles as obtuse, right, acute or straight. 

Define and identify polygons worksheet
Worksheet about naming polygons based on the number of sides and their characteristics.

Symmetry worksheets
Worksheets on how to identify lines of symmetry and identify when a figure has rotational symmetry.

Triangle vocabulary worksheet
Worksheet about identifying some types of triangles and identifying parts of a triangle.

Naming and labeling angles worksheet
Worksheet about naming angles and identifying the different parts of an angle.

Other math worksheets you may be interested in.

Basic mathematics worksheets
Find a number of ready made worksheets such as fractions, addition, subtraction, and division worksheets.

Basic mathematics worksheets generator

Use a form to generate unlimited fractions, whole numbers, and order of operations worksheets. You can customize the worksheets before giving them them to students.

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