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Counting money worksheets

Counting money worksheets teachers print for free to help students in first grade count money

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Counting worksheets

Counting worksheets teachers can use for students in pre-school or first grade. Available to print for free. Help your students to count

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Common mistakes in math

Some common mistakes in math and how to avoid them when doing your math problems

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Volume of irregular shapes

Learn to calculate the volume of irregular shapes using commonly used volume formulas

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Geometry word problems

A collection of geometry word problems to help you practice a wide variety of concepts in geometry. All problems come with the solution

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Sum of Arithmetic Series

Learn how to find the sum of arithmetic series. Derive a formula for the sum. Use summation notation

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Oral Solution Dosage Calculation

Learn to calculate the amount of oral solution to give to a patient when the dosage strength is known

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Tablet Dosage Calculation

Learn to calculate how many tablets to give to a patient when the dosage strength is known

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Conversion Between Metric Units-Nursing School Math

Learn how to do conversion between metric units. A very important skills fr nurses

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Write a Function Rule

The goal of this lesson is to write a function rule using a table.

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Irrational Numbers

To learn about irrational numbers and write their decimal expansion. Recognize when a number is irrational

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Similar Triangles

This lesson will show you how to recognize similar triangles with a variety of well chosen graphs. AA similarity postulate is discussed

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Multiplication in base two

Multiplication in base two. Step by step guideline on how to multiply binary numbers.

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Similar Shapes

This lesson is about similar shapes or figures. Learn to recognize them will teach you to recognize when two shapes are similar.

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Counting Factors

A lesson about counting factors. Learn to count how many factors a number has .

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Number of segments between points

See how many segments can be formed between 2, 3, 4, 5 points. Derive a formula to get the number of segments between n points

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Duplication algorithm for multiplication

The duplication algorithm is a technique that can be used to perform multiplication. Learn it here

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Area of a sector calculator

Area of a sector calculator when the radius and the angle between two raddi are given

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Subtraction in base two

Learn subtraction in base two the easy way with my easy to follow explanation and examples

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Area of a sector

Learn to calculate the area of a sector using the value of pi and what we already know about the area of a circle

Continue reading "Area of a sector"

Addition in base two

Learn how to perform addition in base two. The explanation is crystal clear and easy to follow

Continue reading "Addition in base two"

Multiplication in base five

Find out how to do multiplication in base five with crystal clear explanations.

Continue reading "Multiplication in base five"

Subtraction in base five

Learn subtraction in base five with an easy to follow explanation

Continue reading "Subtraction in base five"

Addition in base five

Learn addition in base five. The explanation is easy to follow

Continue reading "Addition in base five"

Area of a regular polygon

Derivation of the formula to find the area of a regular polygon. Plug in the number of sides and the apothem to get the area

Continue reading "Area of a regular polygon"

Volume of an ellipsoid

Find out how to get the volume of an ellipsoid when the three radii are given

Continue reading "Volume of an ellipsoid"

Volume of a cube calculator

Use this volume of a cube calculator to compute the volume of a cube

Continue reading "Volume of a cube calculator"

Volume of a box calculator

Use this volume of a box calculator to compute the volume of a box

Continue reading "Volume of a box calculator"

Telling time worksheets

A variety of telling time worksheets readily available to print for free. Help your students to tell time

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Adding mixed numbers!

Adding mixed numbers is what this lesson will show you with crystal clear examples.

Continue reading "Adding mixed numbers!"

Multiplying mixed numbers!

Multiplying mixed numbers is what this lesson will show you with very good examples.

Continue reading "Multiplying mixed numbers!"

Point slope form

A thorough understanding of how to use the slope and one point to write the equation of a line in point slope form.

Continue reading "Point slope form"

Factoring formulas

You can find here a comprehensive list of commonly used factoring formulas.

Continue reading "Factoring formulas"

Math constants

You can find here a comprehensive list of commonly used math constants.

Continue reading "Math constants"

Online educational videos

Online educational videos for teachers and students. Become a better teacher. Help students achieve their full potential

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Math Homework

1)A recipe needs 3/4 teaspoon black pepper and 1/4 red pepper. How much more black pepper does the recipe need? Solution: 3/4 - 1/4 = 2/4 = 1/2 The recipe

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FIND THE VALUE OF K SO THAT THE TWO GIVEN LINES WILL BE PARALLEL. 3X-KY=7 2X+5Y=-1 First, put the two equations in standard form 3X - KY = 7 3X - 7

Continue reading "ALGEBRA II "

solving system of linear equations by substitution

y=2x x+y=21 Replace y = 2x into the second equation. we get: x + 2x = 21 we get 3x = 21 divide both sides of the equation by 3 3x/3 = 21/3 x =

Continue reading "solving system of linear equations by substitution"

solve word problem

If a number is added to the numerator of 11/64 and twice the number is added to the denominator of 11/64, the resulting fraction is equivalent to 1/5.

Continue reading "solve word problem"

Distance rate time problems

Learn how to solve distance rate time problems using the formula d = rt

Continue reading "Distance rate time problems"

Ordering fractions calculator

With this ordering fractions calculator, you can put in order as many fractions as you like even hundreds of fractions or more

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Probability of compound events

Understand clearly how to find the likelihood or probability of compound events

Continue reading "Probability of compound events"

Scientific notation calculator

A very easy to use scientific notation calculator that will convert any number you enter into scientific notation

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Binary to decimal converter

A binary to decimal converter that will convert any binary number into the decimal number system

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Theoretical probability

Theoretical probability: Learn how to compute the likelihood or probability of an event

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Tessellations in geometry

What are tessellations in geometry? Learn here from a math expert.

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Fibonacci sequence

Crystal clear and thorough explanation of what the fibonacci sequence is just one click away

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Printable 8th grade math test

A printable 7th grade math test that can readily be printed and taken to find out how well you or your kids know basic concepts of math.

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8th grade math test

A comprehensive 8th grade math test that is readily avalaible to print for free. The test will measure every important skill taught in 8th grade

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Multiplying polynomials

Multiplying polynomials: Get a straightforward and crystal clear explanation right here

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