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Recent Articles

  1. Factoring Quadratic Equations Worksheet

    Oct 17, 17 05:34 PM

    Factoring quadratic equations worksheet-get some practice factoring quadratic equations

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  2. Conjugate in Algebra

    Oct 16, 17 09:34 AM

    What is the conjugate in algebra? A concise and clear explanation.

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  3. Solve Tough Absolute Value Equations

    Oct 15, 17 12:24 PM

    Learn to solve tough absolute value equations.

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  4. Important Academic Words in Math

    Oct 14, 17 07:03 PM

    A list of important academic words students must know in math

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  5. Difference between Discrete and Continuous Data

    Oct 13, 17 04:37 PM

    Learn the difference between discrete and continuous data

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  6. Solving Literal Equations Worksheet

    Oct 12, 17 10:20 AM

    Solving literal equations worksheet - Can you solve these literal equations?

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  7. How to Solve Literal Equations

    Oct 11, 17 10:12 AM

    Learn how to solve literal equations with an easy to follow lesson.

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  8. Printable writing equations worksheet

    Oct 10, 17 09:44 AM

    Printable writing equations worksheet that can readily be printed and taken to find out how well you can translate sentence to equations.

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  9. Writing Equations Worksheet

    Oct 10, 17 09:18 AM

    Writing equations worksheet-Practice How to write the equation when a sentence is given

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  10. Printable composition of functions worksheet

    Oct 09, 17 09:29 AM

    A printable composition of functions worksheet that can readily be printed and taken to find out how well you can perform composition of functions.

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  11. Printable Place Value Worksheet

    Oct 09, 17 09:25 AM

    Learn place value with this worksheet that can readily be printed.

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  12. Printable simplifying radical expressions worksheet

    Oct 09, 17 09:23 AM

    Simplify radical expressions with this worksheet that can readily be printed.

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  13. Printable Distributive Property Worksheet

    Oct 09, 17 09:17 AM

    Learn the distributive property with this worksheet that can readily be printed.

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  14. Printable Greatest Common factor Worksheet

    Oct 09, 17 08:47 AM

    Practice with this greatest common factor worksheet that can readily be printed.

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  15. Greatest Common Factor Worksheet

    Oct 09, 17 08:09 AM

    Greatest common factor worksheet- get some practice and understand the GCF

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  16. Place Value Worksheet

    Oct 08, 17 03:24 PM

    Place value worksheet- Find out how well you understand place value

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  17. Distributive Property Worksheet with no Variables

    Oct 07, 17 04:30 PM

    A distributive property worksheet with no variables to help you practice the distributive property

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  18. Simplifying Radical Expressions Worksheet

    Oct 06, 17 08:58 AM

    Simplifying radical expressions worksheet. See how well you can simplify radical expressions

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  19. What is a Radical Expression ?

    Oct 05, 17 09:45 AM

    Find out what a radical expression. An introduction to the concept with an easy to follow lesson

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  20. Addition and Subtraction of Radicals

    Oct 04, 17 09:51 AM

    Learn how to perform addition and subtraction of radicals-easy to follow lessons

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  21. Simplifying Radicals Containing Variables

    Oct 03, 17 11:29 AM

    simplifying radicals containing variables is the goal of this lesson

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  22. Composition of Functions Worksheet

    Oct 02, 17 09:14 AM

    A composition of functions worksheet with carefully selected exercises

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  23. Composite Function

    Oct 01, 17 10:12 AM

    What is a composite function ? I need an easy explanation

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  24. Operations on Functions

    Sep 30, 17 06:52 PM

    Learn how to perform operations on functions such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing functions

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  25. Range of a Function

    Sep 29, 17 11:04 AM

    I need help to find the range of a function. Please help!

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  26. What is Function Notation?

    Sep 28, 17 08:57 AM

    What is function notation and why do we use it? I need an easy explanation

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  27. Vertical Line Test

    Sep 27, 17 09:04 AM

    Learn how a vertical line test can be used to determine if a graph is a function

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  28. Identify a Function

    Sep 26, 17 02:30 PM

    Learn to quickly identify a function and clearly see the difference between function and relation

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  29. Writing an Algebraic Expression

    Sep 25, 17 09:22 AM

    Writing an algebraic expression when a phrase is given is the goal of this lesson

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  30. 100 Hard Word Problems in Algebra

    Sep 11, 17 05:06 PM

    Easy to follow solution to 100 hard word problems in algebra

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  31. Mixture word problem with sand and soil

    Aug 27, 17 09:36 AM

    2 m3 of soil containing 35% sand was mixed into 6 m3 of soil containing 15% sand. What is the sand content of the mixture? Let x% be the amount of sand

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  32. Bessy and Bob algebra word problem

    Jul 28, 17 02:38 PM

    Bessy has 6 times as much money as Bob, but when each earn $6. Bessy will have 3 times as much money as Bob. How much does each have before and after

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  33. Population growth

    Jul 28, 17 02:32 PM

    The population of a town with an initial population of 60,000 grows at a rate of 2.5% per year. What is population in 5 years? In 10 years? How many years

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  34. Comparison Word Problems

    Jul 25, 17 09:06 PM

    Learn to solve comparison word problems using modeling

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  35. Find water left in a tank using arithmetic sequences

    Jul 20, 17 10:41 PM

    A water tank is emptied at a constant rate. Initially, 36,000 gallons of water were in the tank. A the end of five hours, 16,000 gallons remained. How

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  36. distance from the mountain

    Jul 15, 17 10:45 PM

    Jane drove to the mountains last weekend. There was heavy traffic on the way there, and the trip took 10 hours. When Jane drove home, there was no traffic

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  37. Price of 3 pens without discount

    Jul 15, 17 10:25 PM

    A stationery store sells a dozen ballpoints pens for $3.84, which represents a 20% discount from the price charged when a dozen pens are bought individually.

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  38. Speed word problem

    Jul 10, 17 10:15 PM

    A truck left a depot at noon traveling an average speed of 40 kilometers per hour. How far from the depot and what time will it overtake another truck,

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  39. A subtraction word problem

    Jul 10, 17 10:36 AM

    Problem #1: Peter has 20 dollars in his pocket. He buys a 32 ounces vanilla ice cream for 8 dollars. How much is Peter's change? Solution In this situation,

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  40. Percentage and yearly income

    Jul 10, 17 10:21 AM

    A man spends 20% of his income in food, 15% in clothes, 15% in house rent and 30% in miscellaneous. Find his yearly income if he saves Rs 2500 per months.

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  41. Test Time

    Jul 10, 17 09:31 AM

    A multiple-choice test contains 25 questions. Correct answers are worth 4 points each; 2 points are deducted for each wrong answer; and unanswered questions

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  42. Apartment Word Problem

    Jul 10, 17 09:13 AM

    In an apartment building some apartments have a one bedroom and the rest have two bedrooms if there are a total of 50 apartments and 80 bedrooms how many

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  43. SOLVE IT

    Jul 10, 17 08:44 AM

    The sum of four numbers a, b, c, and d is 68. If we increase a by 7, we get x. If we increased b by 8, we get x. If we decrease c by 15, we get 2x.If we

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  44. 4th Grade Math Help

    Jul 03, 17 04:37 PM

    Need help with 4th grade math? See the math that is taught in 4th grade

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  45. Multiply Using Partial Products

    Jun 08, 17 01:52 PM

    Learn quickly how to multiply using partial products

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Recent Articles

  1. Factoring Quadratic Equations Worksheet

    Oct 17, 17 05:34 PM

    Factoring quadratic equations worksheet-get some practice factoring quadratic equations

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Recent Lessons

  1. Factoring Quadratic Equations Worksheet

    Oct 17, 17 05:34 PM

    Factoring quadratic equations worksheet-get some practice factoring quadratic equations

    Read More

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