Overtime calculator

An overtime calculator that will help you calculate how much money you earn for time and a half, double, ...

Guidelines to follow when using the calculator above

1) First, enter the regular hourly rate. This could be 12 dollars per hour, 30 dollars per hour, etc...

2) Enter the number of hours worked. Many people work at least 40 hours per week.

3) Enter the overtime multiplier. The most common overtime multipliers are time and a half and double.
Time and a half means regular hourly rate + half regular hourly rate. For example,
time and a half for 12 is 12 + 6 = 18
Double means regular hourly rate + regular hourly rate. For example, double for 12 is 12 + 12 = 24.

For time and a half, enter 1.5 and for double, enter 2.

4) Select the pay period. If you get paid every week, select Weekly. If you get paid, every two weeks, select Bi-Weekly.

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