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Recent Articles

  1. Addition Rule for Probability

    Jun 18, 21 04:59 AM

    Learn how to use the addition rule for probability in order to find the probability of the union of two events

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  2. Joint probability - Definition and Examples

    Jun 16, 21 06:50 AM

    Learn to find the joint probability with this easy to follow lesson

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  3. Probability of Complementary Events

    Jun 16, 21 02:07 AM

    Learn how to find the probability of complementary events with this easy to follow lesson.

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  4. Probability of Independent Events

    Jun 15, 21 03:25 AM

    Learn to find the probability of independent events with this easy to follow lesson

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  5. Mutually Exclusive Events

    Jun 15, 21 02:15 AM

    What are mutually exclusive events? Definition and examples

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  6. Conditional Probability - Definition and Examples

    Jun 14, 21 04:40 AM

    What is conditional probability? Quickly understand it with this easy to follow lesson.

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  7. Marginal Probability - Definition and Examples

    Jun 14, 21 01:27 AM

    What is marginal probability? Get a thorough and crystal clear explanation with this lesson created by a former math teacher. 

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  8. What is Probability? Definition and Examples

    Jun 13, 21 03:31 AM

    What is probability? Definition, formula, and examples of classical probability, relative frequency of probability, and subjective probability

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  9. Simple and Compound Events

    Jun 11, 21 08:38 AM

    Learn the difference between simple and compound events with this easy to follow lesson.

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  10. Sample Space Diagram - Definition and Example

    Jun 11, 21 08:25 AM

    What is a sample space diagram? A sample space diagram is a diagram used to describe a sample space.

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  11. Statistics Made Easy - Free Lessons

    Jun 09, 21 01:35 PM

    Statistics made easy - We will provide you with a solid introduction to statistics along with concise and easy to follow lessons

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  12. Percentiles and Percentile Rank

    Jun 02, 21 02:28 AM

    What are percentiles and percentile rank? Definition and formula you can use.

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  13. Quartiles and Interquartile Range

    Jun 01, 21 09:33 AM

    What are quartiles and interquartile range? Definition and examples.

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  14. Empirical Rule

    Jun 01, 21 09:17 AM

    What is empirical rule? Get an answer here quickly with crystal clear explanations. Just like the Chebyshev's theorem, we can use the rule to find....

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  15. Chebyshev's Theorem

    May 31, 21 03:32 AM

    What is Chebyshev's Theorem? Definition and straightforward examples so you can understand it fast.

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  16. Variance and Standard Deviation for Grouped Data

    May 31, 21 02:36 AM

    Learn about variance and standard deviation for grouped data with an easy to follow lesson.

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  17. Standard Deviation

    May 28, 21 04:49 AM

    What is standard deviation? Crystal clear explanation of what the standard deviation is. Learn to calculate it and understand how the formula was derived.

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  18. Measures of Dispersion

    May 28, 21 02:47 AM

    What are measures of dispersion? Explanations and examples.

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  19. Difference between Parameter and Statistic

    May 27, 21 04:16 AM

    What is the difference between parameter and statistic? The difference between parameter and statistic is simple as you shall see ...

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  20. Midrange of a Data Set

    May 27, 21 02:53 AM

    What is the midrange of a data set? Definition and examples

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  21. Relationship between the Mean, Median, and Mode

    May 26, 21 06:45 AM

    What is the relationship between the mean, median, and mode?

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  22. Best Measure of Center

    May 26, 21 05:51 AM

    What is the best measure of center? Learn if you should use the mean, the median, the mode, or the midrange for your statistical data.

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  23. Mean from a Frequency Table

    May 25, 21 02:53 AM

    Find the mean from a frequency table when you don't know the exact values in the classes.

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  24. Arithmetic Mean in Statistics

    May 24, 21 05:29 AM

    What is the arithmetic mean? Definition and examples in statistics

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  25. Organizing and Displaying Data in Statistics

    May 21, 21 04:37 AM

    Find out how to organize and display data for qualitative and quantitative data using bar graphs, pie graphs, histograms, polygons and stem-and-leaf display.

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  26. Cumulative Frequency Distribution

    May 20, 21 04:58 AM

    What is the cumulative frequency distribution? We find the cumulative frequency distribution for a class by adding the frequency of that class to...

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  27. Shapes of Histograms

    May 19, 21 05:48 AM

    Learn about the different shapes of histograms. The three most common of these shapes are skewed, symmetric, and uniform.

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  28. Graphs of Quantitative Data

    May 18, 21 06:54 AM

    Graphs of quantitative data, also called grouped data, can be displayed using a histogram or a polygon. Learn how to make histograms using raw data

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  29. Less than Method for Writing Classes

    May 17, 21 05:40 AM

    Learn to use the less than method for writing classes to make frequency tables, calculate relative frequency, and percentage.

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  30. Construction of a Frequency Distribution Table

    May 16, 21 04:13 AM

    Construction of a frequency distribution table using a guideline and raw data

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  31. Procedure for Constructing a Frequency Table

    May 15, 21 12:33 PM

    The procedure for constructing a frequency table for a set of quantitative data is straightforward.

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  32. Frequency Distribution of Quantitative Data

    May 15, 21 04:05 AM

    What is a frequency distribution of quantitative data? Learn here with a crystal clear lesson.

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  33. Display of Qualitative Data

    May 14, 21 05:36 AM

    Display of qualitative data with bar graphs and pie graphs.

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  34. How to Find Relative Frequency

    May 14, 21 04:35 AM

    What is the relative frequency? Here is how to find the relative frequency using the frequency distribution table

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  35. Frequency Distribution - Definition and Example

    May 14, 21 03:52 AM

    what is a frequency distribution? A frequency distribution can be used to organize quantitative variables...

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  36. Raw Data - Definition and Examples

    May 14, 21 02:59 AM

    What is raw data? Learn the difference between quantitative data and qualitative data

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  37. Introduction to Statistics - Important Basic Terms Explained

    May 12, 21 08:36 AM

    An introduction to statistics as you explore basic terms used in statistics frequently.

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  38. Cross Section Data

    May 12, 21 07:53 AM

    Explanation of cross-section data in statistics. A cross-section data shows information about different...

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  39. Time-series Data - Definition and Example

    May 07, 21 02:29 PM

    A time-series data shows information about the same subject or element of a sample or population for different periods of time.

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  40. Types of Variables in Statistics

    May 06, 21 01:24 PM

    Types of variables in statistics - quantitative, qualitative, discrete, continuous, independent, and dependent.

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  41. Variable, Element, Data Set, and Observation

    May 06, 21 12:07 PM

    Variable, element, data set, and observation - Learn the meaning of these basic terms in statistics important

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  42. Common Sampling Methods

    May 05, 21 01:08 PM

    Learn the 5 common sampling methods of choosing a sample such as random sample, convenience sample, cluster sample, stratified sample, and systematic sample.

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  43. Representative Sample - Definition and Examples

    May 05, 21 08:44 AM

    What is a representative sample? Guidelines to follow to ensure that the sample is a representative sample

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  44. What is a survey? Definition and Examples

    May 04, 21 07:02 AM

    What is a survey? A survey is the collection of information from all members of either a sample or a ...

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  45. What is the Difference between Population and Sample?

    May 04, 21 06:22 AM

    The difference between population and sample is explained in this lesson with real-life examples.

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Recent Articles

  1. Addition Rule for Probability

    Jun 18, 21 04:59 AM

    Learn how to use the addition rule for probability in order to find the probability of the union of two events

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