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Recent Articles

  1. How to Divide any Number by 5 in 2 Seconds

    Feb 28, 24 11:07 AM

    How to divide any number by 5 in 2 seconds or less using a math trick

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  2. Math Trick to Square Numbers from 50 to 59

    Feb 23, 24 04:46 AM

    Use this math trick to square numbers from 50 to 59 in 2 seconds or less

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  3. Sum of Consecutive Odd Numbers

    Feb 22, 24 10:07 AM

    Find the sum of consecutive odd numbers in 4 seconds or less

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  4. Sum of Consecutive Even Numbers

    Feb 22, 24 10:05 AM

    Here is how to find the sum of consecutive even numbers in 4 seconds or less using a trick.

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  5. Divide any 3-Digit Number by 99 in 3 seconds

    Feb 22, 24 04:25 AM

    Divide 621 by 99
    Use this trick to divide any 3-digit number by 99 in 3 seconds or less

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  6. 5 Percent of any Number in 4 Seconds

    Feb 21, 24 10:28 AM

    Use this trick to find 5 percent of any number in 4 seconds or less.

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  7. Square a 3-Digit Number when the Middle Number is Zero

    Feb 20, 24 02:56 PM

    How to square a 3-digit number when the middle number is zero in 4 seconds or less

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  8. Multiply a Two Digit Number by 101 in one Second

    Feb 16, 24 04:22 AM

    Use this trick to multiply a two-digit number by 101 in one second or less

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  9. How to Solve a System of two Linear Equations Quickly

    Feb 13, 24 11:26 AM

    Solve quickly a system of two linear equations
    How to solve a system of two linear equations quickly (in 15 seconds or less!)

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  10. How to Multiply 3-digit Numbers Having a Zero in the Tens Place

    Feb 12, 24 11:58 AM

    Multiply 3-digit numbers having a zero in the tens place
    In 5 seconds or less, here is how to multiply 3-digit numbers having a zero in the tens place

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  11. Trick to Multiply a Repdigit Number by a Single Digit Number

    Feb 09, 24 06:46 AM

    Repdigit number times a single-digit number
    Trick to multiply a repdigit number smaller than 100 by a single digit number in 2 seconds or less

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  12. Multiply 999 by 5 in 2 Seconds

    Feb 04, 24 06:57 AM

    How to multiply 999 by 5 in 2 seconds or less with this amazing trick

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  13. Divide 999 by 5 in 2 Seconds

    Feb 04, 24 06:54 AM

    How to divide 999 by 5 in 2 seconds or less with this amazing trick

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  14. Square Root Trick When the Number Ends with 25

    Feb 03, 24 05:55 PM

    A second to find it! Square root trick when the number ends with 25.

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  15. Types of Lines in Math

    Jan 30, 24 11:35 AM

    Find here a comprehensive list of all the different types of lines in math.

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  16. Percent of Increase Word Problems

    Oct 27, 23 07:50 AM

    Percent of increase
    A variety of percent of increase word problems along with detailed solutions

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  17. What is Algebra? Definition and Examples

    Oct 11, 23 02:49 PM

    Algebra is a fundamental skill that is widely used in school and in life. This article takes a look at what algebra is and its vital role in math.

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  18. How To Find The Factors Of 20: A Simple Way

    Sep 17, 23 09:46 AM

    Positive factors of 20
    There are many ways to find the factors of 20. A simple way is to...

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  19. The SAT Math Test: How To Be Prepared To Face It And Survive

    Jun 09, 23 12:04 PM

    SAT math
    The SAT Math section is known for being difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to be prepared and complete the section with confidence here.

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  20. Fundamental Counting Principle

    Jun 06, 23 07:32 AM

    Multiplication principle and addition principle
    The fundamental counting principle is introduced in this lesson. Learn how to count with the multiplication principle and the addition principle.

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  21. 45-45-90 Triangle

    May 01, 23 07:00 AM

    45-45-90 triangle
    What is a 45-45-90 triangle? Definition, proof, area, and easy to follow real-world examples.

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  22. Theoretical Probability - Definition, Explanation, and Examples

    Apr 24, 23 07:02 AM

    Theoretical probability versus experimental probability
    Learn how to compute the likelihood or probability of an event using the theoretical probability formula.

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  23. 30-60-90 Triangle

    Apr 03, 23 05:08 PM

    30-60-90 triangle
    What is a 30-60-90 triangle? Definition, proof, area, and easy to follow real-world examples.

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  24. Calculate the Conditional Probability using a Contingency Table

    Mar 29, 23 10:19 AM

    Contingency table
    Learn to calculate the conditional probability using a contingency table. This contingency table can help you understand quickly and painlessly.

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  25. Rational Numbers - Definition and Examples

    Mar 15, 23 07:45 AM

    Rational numbers
    To learn about rational numbers, write their decimal expansion, and recognize rational numbers that are repeating decimals and terminating decimals.

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  26. Area of a Trapezoid - Definition, Formula, and Examples

    Mar 13, 23 07:52 AM

    Area of a trapezoid1
    Learn how to get the area of a trapezoid using a rectangle and a triangle, the formula, and also when the height of the trapezoid is missing.

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  27. Quadratic Formula: Easy To Follow Steps

    Jan 26, 23 11:44 AM

    Quadratic formula
    Learn about the quadratic formula, the discriminant, important definitions related to the formula, and applications.

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  28. Area Formula - List of Important Formulas

    Jan 25, 23 05:54 AM

    Frequently used area formulas
    What is the area formula for a two-dimensional figure? Here is a list of the ones that you must know!

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  29. Parallelogram - Definition, Types, and Examples

    Jan 23, 23 06:32 AM

    What is a parallelogram? Here is the list of all the most important things that you need to know

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  30. High School Physics: The Free Resources to Learn and Study

    Dec 30, 22 11:07 AM

    High school physics
    Do you need help with high school physics? Explore important basic concepts in physics.

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  31. How To Learn Math (And Stay Good At It!)

    Dec 19, 22 06:08 PM

    Math is hard
    Find out how to learn math and stay good at it using these five steps.

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  32. Why is Geometry Important? (And How Can You Benefit ?)

    Dec 16, 22 08:47 AM

    Why is geometry important
    Why is geometry important? Geometry isn't just about drawing shapes. Its practical applications are endless. See how geometry can help enhance your life.

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  33. What is a Unit Circle? Definition and trigonometric values

    Dec 10, 22 06:21 PM

    unit circle
    Definition of the unit circle and important trigonometric functions. Use the unit circle to derive important trigonometric values.

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  34. Types of Triangles

    Dec 03, 22 12:47 PM

    Types of triangles
    Learn to identify 6 types of triangles based on their sides or angles and 7 more types based on both their sides and angles.

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  35. Box and Whiskers Plot

    Nov 18, 22 08:20 AM

    Box and Whiskers Plot
    Easily learn to construct a box and whiskers plot for a set of data by using the median and the extreme values.

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  36. Binary Number System

    Nov 17, 22 10:53 AM

    Converting 25 to base two
    This lesson will give you a deep and solid introduction to the binary number system.

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  37. Perimeter of a Square

    Nov 16, 22 02:36 AM

    Perimeter of a square
    Check out this lesson. You will discover that finding the perimeter of a square is simple and straightforward.

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  38. Law of Cosines - Formula, Proof, and Examples

    Nov 14, 22 11:32 AM

    Law of cosines
    What is the Law of Cosines? See how you can use the law of cosines to find one side of a triangle.

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  39. Conjugate of a Complex Number

    Nov 12, 22 10:30 AM

    What is the conjugate of complex number? Definition, explanation, and examples.

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  40. What are Bar graphs Good for? Definition and Examples

    Nov 08, 22 12:56 PM

    Vertical bar graph
    This lesson will help you clearly understand the different types of bar graphs such as the vertical bar graph, grouped bar graph, and stacked bar graph.

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  41. Solving Two-Step Equations

    Nov 07, 22 02:27 PM

    Solving two-step equations
    This lesson presents the steps to take when solving two-step equations or equations of the form ax + b = c or ax - b = c.

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  42. 6th Grade Math Problems

    Nov 05, 22 06:20 PM

    A variety of 6th grade math problems students need to know how to solve in 6th grade.

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  43. Second Grade Math Word Problems

    Oct 29, 22 09:31 AM

    Dimes, nickels, and pennies
    A list of important second grade math word problems that students need to know how to solve in second grade

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  44. Surface Area of a Sphere - Definition, Derivation, and Examples

    Oct 26, 22 11:38 AM

    Surface area of a sphere
    Learn how to derive and compute the surface area of a sphere. The lesson is crystal clear and right to the point, but it also shows how the formula was obtained

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  45. Surface Area of a Cylinder - Definition, Derivation, and Examples

    Oct 24, 22 09:18 AM

    Surface area of a cylinder
    Learn how to compute the surface area of a cylinder, oblique cylinder, and hollow cylinder. Learn also to derive the formula.

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