Important 5th grade math word problems

Here is a list of 40 important 5th grade math word problems that students must know how to solve in 5th grade. These 5th grade word problems were chosen to cover a wide variety of topics taught in 5th grade.


Marc has 3 trays that have nails in them. If each tray has eight compartments and each compartment has 35 nails, how many nails are there in total?

How many nails are there in total if each compartment has 35 nails?


The diameter of Venus is about 12104 kilometers and the diameter of Mars is about 6779 kilometers. The diameter of Uranus is about 50724 kilometers. Is the diameter of Uranus more or less than the sum of these two planets. If so, how much more or less? 


If 12 apples are cut into fifths, how many wedges of apple are there?


What is the biggest number you can make that has 9 and 5 as factors and is smaller than 50?


Frederick mows lawns each week to earn money. If he regularly mows 18 lawns each week and he charges 30 dollars to mow each one, how much money did he earn in 9 weeks?


It was -50 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday night. The next day at noon time, the temperature had risen 40 degrees. What was the temperature on Wednesday? 


How many different ways can you dress if you have 4 pants and 5 shirts?


Peter used 10% of his income on food. What fraction of Peter's income is spent on food?


It took David 21 minutes and 12 seconds to finish a marathon. Thiago completed the marathon 20 seconds faster and Julie completed the marathon 15 seconds slower than Thiago. How long did it take Julie to complete the marathon? 


Do you have enough roll to fence your backyard if you need 420 feet of fencing and your roll has 140 yards of fencing? 


Find a three-digit number that is equal to 340 when rounded to the nearest ten and the tens digit is less than the ones digit.


A bag contains 6 blue marbles and 4 red marbles. If one marble is selected at random, what is the probability of drawing a red marble. Write your answer as a percent.


Ethan has 635 dollars in his savings account from a local bank and 90 dollars in his piggy bank from home. If he saw the following advertisement for a computer and the computer he wants to buy costs 850 dollars, does he have enough money to buy it? 

Computers on sales


The average of three numbers is 8. What is the third number if the first two numbers are 6 and 10.


What is the area of a rectangle that is 3 feet by 4 feet?


A camping trip has 86 men and 75 women. They need cabins to stay for 1 night and each cabin can accommodate up to 8 people. If men and women cannot sleep in the same cabin, how many cabins are needed for the night? 


What is the total cost of 14 gallons of paint if each gallon costs $12.80?


A stadium can seat 6000 people. If there were 4589 people on Monday, 5447 people on Wednesday, and 3524 on Saturday, how many empty seats were there in all for the three days?


Jonathan used two-fifths of his income on rent. What percent of Jonathan's income is spent on rent?


In Bergen, Norway's second biggest city, there is rain almost 75% of the days in September. How many days in September did it rain?

More 5th grade math word problems


What is the smallest number you can make that is a multiple of 9 and 5 and is bigger than 120?


Earth's gravity is 9.8 m / s2 while the moon's gravity is 1.6 m / s2.

1. How many times bigger is the earth's gravity compared to the moon?

2. The higher the gravity, the higher your weight will be. How much would you weigh on the moon?


A puppy weighs 15.830 pounds while a cat weighs 13.908 pounds. How much more does the puppy weigh?


Last month, it cost Jayden 450 dollars to buy an electric lawn mower. He charges his neighbors 18 dollars each time to cut their grass for them. This month he cut the grass four times for 6 of his neighbors. Did he make as much money as he spent on the lawn mower? Explain your answer!


A garden is shaped like a rectangle that is 6 feet by 7 feet. What is the perimeter of the garden?


It costs about $0.30 to clean 1 square foot of carpet. How much money would you pay to clean the carpet in your room if your room is a square with a side length of 12 feet?


Noemy bought a hot dog for $2.25 and a bottle of juice for $1.30. How much money did she get back if she paid with a $10 bill?


It was 20 degrees Fahrenheit at noon on Friday. The next day early in the morning, the temperature had dropped 40 degrees. What was the temperature on Saturday morning? You may look at a thermometer if you wish!


Suppose 2800 people visit Busch garden each day during school days and three times as many each day during the weekend. How many people visit Busch Garden each week?


Martha ran a distance of 5 1/2 kilometers on Monday and 4 3/4 kilometers on Thursday. How many kilometers did Martha run on both days? 


Peter received $330 dollars from his parents to buy clothes. If Peter spent two-thirds of the money he received on clothes and then bought a notebook for 3 dollars, how much money did he have left?


A carpenter must cut a 460 meters piece of wood in twenty-three equal pieces. How long is each piece?


It takes 26 gallons of gas to fill the tank of a truck. If one gallon of gas costs $3.85 dollars, how much money will fill the tank of the truck?


Jack spent 25% of his allowance on ice cream. If Jack's spent 50 dollars on ice cream, how much was his allowance?


It took Sylvia 5 days to drive 1200 miles from Tampa, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts. What is the average distance Sylvia drove per day? 


Last week, John earned 500 dollars from work. The following week, he earned 25% less. How much money did he earn in two weeks? 


Find a three-digit number that is equal to 900 when rounded to the nearest hundred and the tens digit is twice the ones digit. 


If you, maria, and another friend eat 3 1/2 slices of pizza each, how many slices of pizza did all of you eat together?


What is the mode of the following set of data?

60, 70, 60, 50, 60, 70, 40, 90, 100


Write down your age in years and then find out how old you are in hours. Show how you got your answer.

Things to keep in mind about these 5th grade math word problems

Fifth grade math word problems

If students can solve at least 35 of these 40 5th grade math word problems, you can conclude that the students are good at solving 5th grade math problems.

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