Algebra solver

This algebra solver will solve many math problems for you. It will show you how to do a problem with step by step work and explanations

Who is the person behind this math solver?

I am the solo software engineer here with the following credentials:

Math major from University of Massachusetts Boston.

Math and computer science major from University of the French West Indies and Guiana.

A decade experience teaching algebra, geometry, algebra 2, and Calculus.

How do I check this math solver out?

I have included a free topic so you can see how it works

Add fractions and add integers are free. Just look above and you will see something that says Free Sample

Click on that and type any fractions problems with the format a/b + c/d

Or type any integer problems with the format a + b, a and b could be positive or negative

Then click Show Steps

Full access to all available topics will require subscription for a modest fee.

Does it solve all math problems in my textbook?

No, it does not. Such math solver does not exist and I don't think it will ever

It will solve the ones you see right now

My goal is to add topics daily, so it will become more and more comprehensive in time

Expect it to show you how to solve a wide variety of important math problems

Who needs this math solver?

You are in school and you need a homework helper

You are trying to learn math on your own and you need crystal clear explanations

You want to review for a math test

You are a teacher and you want your students to get some extra practice in math

You are a parent and you need some guidelines to help your kids

You need to review math

Most people will benefit from this algebra solver

How do I enter math problems?

Click on the link that says 'Important instructions'

Enter problems exactly as shown in the menu of topics

Avoid sentences

If you are not sure, just type something and then it will guide you in some cases

Finally, you can always contact me with any questions that you have

Tough algebra word problems

100 Tough Algebra Word Problems.

If you can solve these problems with no help, you must be a genius!

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