Basic math glossary-S

Basic math glossary-S define words beginning with the letter S

Sale price: Price paid for an item after the price is reduced.

Sales tax: Tax paid when bying an item.

Scale: The ratio of the actual size to the size on a map.

Scale drawing: Shrinking or enlarging the actual size of an object.

Scalene triangle: A triangle with no equal sides.

Scattergram: Also known as scatter plot, it is the set of points plotted on a coordinate system whose coordinates represent the values of two variables.

Scientific notation: A number between one and 10 multiplied by a power of ten

Secant of a circle: A line that intersects a circle in exactly two points

Sector: A part of a circle bounded by two radii.

Segment: A line with a beginning point and an endpoint.

Simplest form: A fraction in which the numerator and the denominator have been reduced until there is no common factor bigger than one between them.

Simplify: To express in simplest form.

Skew lines: Lines in space that are not on the same plane (or are not coplanar) and never meet.

Sphere: A solid figure that has a curved surface like a soccer ball in which all points on the surface are at the same distance from the center. Examples of sphere are the earth, a soccer ball, a ping pong ball, etc...

Sprocket: A wheel that has teeth and pulling a chain.

Square: A rectangle with 4 equal sides.

Square unit: A measure of area.

Straight angle: An angle that measures 180 degrees. A straight angle looks like a straight line

Subtraction: The arithmetic operation of taking away an amount from another to get the difference.

Sum: The answer to an addition problem.

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