Commutative property in real life

Find below some examples of commutative property in real life and some other examples where you can use the commutative property.

Can the commutative property be used in the situation described ?

Example #1

Robert and Maria order sausage and pepperoni on their pizza.

Here, we are trying to see if sausage and  pepperoni are commutative. This situation is commutative since the order we put the ingredients on the pizza is not important.

Example #2

Jeff reads the lesson on solving equations and then takes the quiz.

This situation is not commutative. The order of events matters in this case. Jeff must read the lesson before he takes the quiz.

Example #3

Harry went to the ATM and then withdrew 100 dollars.

This situation is not commutative. The order of events matters in this case. Harry cannot withdraw money without going to the ATM first.

Example #4

To get ready, Tom washes his face and put his pants on.

This situation is commutative. The order of events does not matter. Tom can either wash his face first or put his pants on first.

Example #5

During a physical exam, Sarah's doctor check her blood pressure, blood sugar level, and heart rate.

This situation is commutative. The doctor could check Mary in any of the following order.

Blood pressure                  blood sugar level                      heart rate


Blood pressure                       heart rate                         blood sugar level


Blood sugar  level                  blood pressure                      heart rate


Blood sugar  level                      heart rate                       blood pressure


Heart rate                             blood sugar level                 blood pressure


Heart rate                               blood pressure                  Blood sugar  level

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