Define and identify polygons worksheet

Scroll down to print this worksheet about defining and identifying polygons.

Name : ________________________

Date : __________________________

Using the word box below, write down the correct word next to each definition.

  Exterior angle

Interior angle


A polygon with five sides is called ___________________

This is a polygon with ten sides ___________________

A polygon with six sides is called ___________________

This is the name of a three-sided polygon ___________________

No matter how I choose two points inside a polygon, the segment joining these 2 points will lie completely inside the polygon. This polygon is called ___________________

A polygon where all sides and all angles are congruent ___________________

This is the name of a polygon with twelve sides ___________________

A polygon with eight sides is called ___________________

Two adjacent sides of a polygon form a geometric figure called ___________________

A polygon with seven sides is called ___________________

If two points inside a polygon can form a segment that does not lie completely inside the polygon. This polygon is called ___________________

A polygon with 3 sides is called ___________________

A geometric figure formed by a side of a polygon and an extension of an adjacent side is called ___________________

A nine-sided figure is called ___________________

A polygon with at least one pair of sides or angles is not congruent is called ___________________

A figure with four sides is called ___________________

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