First grade math test

Print your first grade math test before you start working on this test. Then, try to answer all the questions.

Name _____________________                                        Date:_____________________

Solve the following problems

1. Which number comes next?

14, 15, 16, 17, ____

A. 19      B. 20     C. 18     D. 12     

2. One dime is equal to how many cents________

A. 15 cents      B. 10 cents     C. 12 cents     D. 25 cents     

3.Look at the clock below. What time is it?___________________

clock showing time

4. Luke had 12 pencils, but gave away 5 to his best friends. How many pencils does Luke have now? _________

5. Fill in the missing two numbers?

34, 36,____, 40, ____

6. How many cents are there in one quarter. How many nickels?

A. 20 cents and 5 nickels      B. 25 cents and 4 nickels     C. 25 cents and 5 nickels     D. 20 cents and 4 nickels     

7. John gave 4 slices of pizza to his friend Anna and ate 5. How many slices did the pizza have? ________________

8. Look at the figure below. Which rectangle goes on top of 40?


A.      B.      C.      D.     

9. Perform the following subtraction:

38 - 5

10. Tell if the number on the left is less or greater than the number on the right. Replace the question mark ( ? ) with < or >

4       ?      2

5       ?      7

11. Color half (1/2) of the shapes on the left and one quarter or one fourth of the shapes on the right:

Color the triangle with red, rectangles with yellow, the circle with orange, and other figures with a color of your choice


12. For the number 56, what digit is in the

tens place? ________ ones place?___________

13. Perform the following additions and subtractions

14. What time is it?

Clock showing time

15. Write the following numbers in words

2 ___________ 7 ___________ 14 _________________ 24 ____________________

16. What is the geometric name for a figure that looks like

a ball?______________ a soda can?_______________

A famous figure that is found in Egypt?_________________ something that you put your ice cream on top? _________________

17. Fill in the blank for the missing numbers

75, 70, ______________ 60, 55, ____________

18. What is the measure of the length shown in red below?

Broken ruler

19. How many dimes are there in fifty cents? ____________________

20. Math Puzzles: Who am I?

6 + 6 is less than I am. 6 + 8 is greater than I am.

I am an odd number and if you subtract 10 from me, you get a number greater than 7

Things to keep in mind about the first grade math test

Note: A score of 16 or more on this first grade math test is a good indication that most skills taught in first grade were mastered

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