Fractions to decimals

When changing fractions to decimals, look for an equivalent fraction that change the denominator to a power of ten

Power of 10 means that your denominator will look something like 10, 1000, 10000, and so forth...

Let us illustrate this with examples.

Example #1

Change 3/50 to a decimal

Notice that 50 was multiplied by 2 to get 100

Just remember that whatever you do for your denominator, you have to do it for your numerator

3 over 50 to decimal
Example #2

Change 2/5 to a decimal

2 over 5 to decimal
Example #3

Change 4/125 to a decimal

Notice here that 125 was multiplied by 8 to get 1000 because 125 × 8 = 1000

Therefore,when doing those problems,one of the big challenges is to find the number that you need to multiply the denominator to get 10, 1000, 10000, and so forth

You can find it by doing division. For instance 1000/125 = 8

4 over 125 to decimal

Fractions to decimals quiz. Check your knowledge.

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