Inheritance math problem

An inheritance of $1,400,000 is to be divided among Scott, Alice, and Tricia in the following manner. Alice is to receive 6/7 of what Scott receives, while Tricia gets 1/7 of what Scott gets. How much does each receive?

Let x be Scott's inheritance

Tricia is x/7

Alice gets 6x/7

x + x/7 + 6x/7 = 1400000

x + 7x/7 = 1400000

x + x = 1400000

2x = 1400000

2x/2 = 1400000/2

x = 700000

Tricia is x/7 or 700000/7 = 100000

Alice is 6x/7 or (700000 * 6)/7 = 4200000/7 = 600000

Indeed 600000 + 100000 + 700000 = 1400000

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