Interchange fee calculator

The following interchange fee calculator will compute the fees charged by credit card or payment processor companies for unlimited transactions.

Paypal and some other credit card companies do not give users the option to see just the fees for a number of corresponding transactions

With Paypal for instance, you can only see the fee one by one for each transaction on their website.

You could not see a list of fees with their corresponding transactions

This can become time consuming if you have lots of transactions since you cannot see all the fees on the same page.

You cannot see the total of fees charged either. You have to call them to get it

This calculator can show you a list of fees and do the total of these fees.

I built this calculator after I was frustrated with this lack of functionality with Paypal

An interchange fee is what Paypal or other payment processing companies will charge you whenever somebody makes a purchase

Interchange fees usually have a percentage and a flat fee

The percentage is a merchant fee and the flat fee is an authorization fee

For example, Paypal charges a merchant fee of 2.9% and an authorization fee of $0.30 for each transaction

Guidelines to follow when using the calculator

Find out what the percentage and the flat rate is for your specific credit card or payment processor

Enter them in the 2 small rectangle boxes

Finally, enter all your transactions and/or sales in the big rectangle box separated with a space

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