If you have a math major and writing and editing sound like career of your dreams, then become a math editor

Introduction to the field

As a math editor, your work will make an immediate impact on the lives on many people.
Book editors alter, adapt, and refine manuscripts from authors before publishing the books, or before people can buy one copy to read.

Math editors do something similar, except that they help teachers write, edit, and publish mathematics textbook used in schools, or for public usage.
Math editor

The challenge of being a math editor

Although your math skills will be appreciated very much in making sure that all theorems and formulas make sense, the job entails much more than reviewing theorems and formulas.

An an editor, you will be responsible for editing, proofreading, formatting, checking spelling, grammar and usage, and enhancing the style and the content so that the information will be appealing to readers. Therefore, a strong knowledge of English grammar may be important as well.

Getting the job as a math editor

Want to be a mathematics editor for Pearson education? How about the McGraw-Hill Companies? Or perhaps Houghton Mifflin?

The minimum requirement to get a job as a mathematics editor is a bachelor in mathematics, or a related field.

If you are going to deal with advance mathematics, such as abstract algebra, real analysis, number theory, and other upper level math courses, a graduate degree in pure mathematics, or mathematics education, can probably give you an advantage over other candidates.

Remember that you are going to be checking theorems and formulas for accuracy in manuscripts. Therefore if you are going to put your hands on advance materials, it makes sense to have a knowledge of the materials.

Almost all positions require teaching experiences at the high school or collegiate level and knowledge of curriculum development.

Furthermore, as mentioned before, you will need strong communication, interpersonal, and writing skills.

Do not be surprised if a publishing company ask you to take a test in writing as part of the hiring process before they set up an interview.

This field is growing and there are not many people doing this job. Having a math major is also rare. Therefore, if you are interested in this field, your chances of getting a job are pretty good. Be proud of yourself!

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